13-Year-Old Honor Student Who Allegedly Stabbed Mother To Death Will Be Tried As An Adult

13-Year-Old Honor Student Who Allegedly Stabbed Mother To Death Will Be Tried As An Adult

The 13-year-old Florida boy who reportedly called 911 to say he killed his mother will be tried as an adult.

He called 911 shortly after allegedly stabbing his mother to death while she slept beside the crib containing her newborn daughter, Inside Edition reported. The baby was unharmed. Irina Garcia, the boy’s 39-year-old mother, was found dead at the scene.

The boy has been charged with first-degree murder by a Miami-Dade grand jury, NBC News reported, a charge that puts his case into the adult felony court system.

He appeared in court on Friday as his family pleaded with a judge to release him on house arrest. Instead, he was ordered to be held with no bond and remanded to the Miami Dade Juvenile Detention Center.

The boy’s father wrote letters to the court that his son was a respectful honor student who was loved by his friends and that he had no idea what would lead the boy to stab his own mother.

“My client … has strong support from his entire family. It is important to remember that only two months ago [the boy] was a 12-year-old child. We have full faith in the criminal justice system and due process of law,” an attorney for the boy said on Sunday, according to NBC.

Audio of the boy’s 911 call was released last Tuesday but was heavily redacted, including much of his confession. What was released, however, has been called “chilling,” as he remains mostly calm while describing what he had done.

Dispatcher: “I need to know if your mom is breathing.”

13-year-old boy: “She’s dead, Miss.”

Dispatcher: “OK, and why did you do that?”

13-year-old boy: “There’s blood all over the floor.”

Garcia was killed on October 12, and police told local reporters that they were “dumbfounded” by the violence allegedly committed by the boy. He was an honor student and known around the neighborhood as a “good kid.”

Hialeah Police Department spokesman Eddie Rodriguez told local reporters that police did not know why the boy killed his mother.

“We don’t know, that’s something that we’re still trying to figure out,” Rodriguez said, according to Inside Edition. “He did not say why he did this, all he did was call 911 and advise what he did.”

After telling the dispatcher that his mother was dead, the boy said he considered shooting himself with his stepfather’s gun.

“The Beretta, I have the gun with me,” he said in the 911 call, according to snippets from WPLG. “I was gonna shoot myself, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to.”

As the dispatcher remains on the line, the boy tells her he took photos of his mother’s body and sent them to an online friend.

13-year-old boy: “Miss?”

Dispatcher: “Yes.”

13-year-old boy: “I took pictures and I told my friends about it. Was that bad?”

Dispatcher: “You told who about it?”

13-year-old boy: “My friend.”

Dispatcher: “Who did you send those pictures to?”

13-year-old boy: “My friend. I don’t know his real name because he’s an online friend who I play with a lot.”

When police began knocking on the door, the boy became concerned that they would kill him.

13-year-old boy: “Ahh! They’re knocking! Do I open?”

Dispatcher: “They’re knocking on the door?”

13-year-old boy: “Miss, are they gonna kill me?”

Dispatcher: “No, they’re not gonna kill you.”


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