Andrew Yang to Newsmax: National Tour Will Help Shape Forward Party Platform

Andrew Yang to Newsmax: National Tour Will Help Shape Forward Party Platform

The new Forward Party hasn’t nailed down where it stands on issues such as abortion and gun control, co-chair Andrew Yang told Newsmax on Thursday, explaining that the American people will aid in that effort.

“It’s one reason why we’re launching this national tour,” Yang said on “The Record With Greta Van Susteren.” “We’re going to be gathering input from Americans in communities around the country as to what they want this party to reflect.”

The new party is intended to be a centrist alternative to the Republican and Democratic parties, which many complain skew too far right and left for their tastes.

Yang, a businessman who ran unsuccessfully for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president and 2021 nomination for New York mayor, said voters have a lot of common sense on even the most divisive issues.

“A majority of us can find common ground, and that’s what the Forward Party is going to help make happen in D.C.,” he told Van Susteren. “Because right now in D.C., you get rewarded more for talking points than in actually getting anything done.”

The party’s national tour launches Sept. 24 in Houston, and it plans to have a national convention in a year. Its stated goal is to achieve party registration and ballot access in 30 states by the end of 2023 and in all 50 states by late 2024, in time for the presidential election.

Yang didn’t say no when asked by Van Susteren if he plans to seek a place on the Forward presidential ticket, replying only that his aspiration “is to build a party that provides real options, real alternatives for the American people.”

“Most of us feel shut out of our own democracy because we just keep getting forced into voting for, really effectively, one candidate a lot of the time, maybe two candidates at most,” he said, citing a Gallup Poll that 62% of Americans want a third political party.

“So what we’ll be doing in ’24 is seeing to it that Americans have more choices to choose from in a genuine way, and not this way that just getting forced upon us.”

The party is a merging of three groups: Yang’s old Forward Party, the Renew America Movement and the Serve America Movement. Between them, Yang said they already have a mailing list of hundreds of thousands.

“I have to say over the last 12 hours or so that list has grown because so many people are excited,” he added. “It’s going to go toward the millions.”

Yang co-chairs the party with former centrist GOP New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman.

“It’s long past time for a group of like-minded Americans to build a positive, unifying movement and party that brings in everyone that says we love you, we value you, we’re all Americans,” Yang said. “We do not want to see anyone in this country as being pitted against each other, which, unfortunately, is happening more and more regularly.”


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