Anti-Gun Democrat Has No Idea What ‘Fascism’ Is – RedState

Anti-Gun Democrat Has No Idea What ‘Fascism’ Is – RedState

This is yet another situation where I can’t tell if anti-gun progressives are stupid, or if they just think their audience is stupid. It could be both, however.

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) recently made a rather asinine remark about the possibility that Florida’s legislature might pass a law allowing permitless carry in the state. During an appearance with Joy Reid on MSNBC, he claimed this legislation would amount to “fascism,” probably because that was the first word he could pull out of his derriere when the subject was brought up.

Reid asked the congressman about his state’s move to allow Floridians to possess and carry firearms without a permit. It is similar to laws enacted in states like Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, and others. He responded:

“Well, what we’re seeing in Florida is scary, and I’m blunt about it. It’s fascism. We have a governor who’s inappropriately. He’s abusing his power, to scapegoat vulnerable communities, and pass an agenda based on messaging so he can run for president. He’s more interested in running for president than running our state. This permitless carry bill, this is any gun, anywhere, anytime, no permit.”

For starters, the lawmaker is lying. The legislation would not mean that people can carry “any gun, anywhere, anytime, no permit.”

In fact, convicted felons and others would still not be allowed to carry a firearm. It would also designate certain areas where one could not carry their weapon – just as in other states with permitless carry.

Any sane person can see that Frost’s comments were nothing more than mindless fearmongering. But it also shows that he, along with far too many on the far left, needs to pick up a history book. If he had only done some light reading on the subject, he would know that fascists aren’t too enthused about the idea of private citizens having the right to keep and bear arms.

When Germany was still under the Weimar Republic, civilians were required to register their firearms, meaning the government knew exactly who was armed and who was not. When Adolph Hitler and the Nazis gained control of the government, they used this registry to disarm political opponents – especially those of the Jewish persuasion. We already know what happened after that, don’t we? The fact that people were disarmed made it that much easier for Hitler and his cronies to carry out their atrocities and cement their control over the nation.

Moreover, his comments about scapegoating “vulnerable communities” is even dumber considering that racial minorities are more likely to be the victims of gun violence carried out by criminals who obtain their firearms illegally. If anything, preventing these folks from legally bearing arms is making them even more vulnerable, which is why I always contend that the gun restrictions favored by folks like Maxwell are racist to their core.

Nevertheless, the anti-gunner lobby still wants to scare the public into believing that only government officials and elite types should be allowed to be armed. Unfortunately, public opinion is starting to turn against them.

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