Arizona Rancher to Newsmax TV: Illegal Immigrants Aren’t Giving Up Here

Arizona Rancher to Newsmax TV: Illegal Immigrants Aren’t Giving Up Here

An Arizona rancher whose property borders Mexico told Newsmax TV that law enforcement has been catching about 50 illegal immigrants a day on his land, and he’s had to sleep with watch dogs because of the deteriorating situation.

Appearing as part of a week-long series on “Stinchfield” about the situation on the southern border, John Ladd said the change in immigration policies by the Biden administration has resulted in a dramatic increase of people from Latin America trying to cross his property.

“They’re not giving up on our ranch,” Ladd said about illegal immigrants on his family’s 16,000 acres that span 10 miles of the Arizona-Mexico border near Naco, Arizona. “They’re still hiding and running and combative. They don’t want to get caught here.

“[Border Patrol] ain’t giving up and they’re still trying. They’re frustrated with Biden’s plan and it isn’t working,” he said. 

Ladd said that two horse mounted Customs and Border Protection agents had caught eight illegal immigrants as of late afternoon on Monday on his ranch, but that law enforcement was apprehending about 50 a day on his property.

Explaining how all of the activity has impacted the care and maintenance of his animals, adding “It darn sure isn’t a ranch anymore. It’s a law enforcement playground to try to stop the flow of illegals coming in.”

He pointed to the dramatic policy changes of President Joe Biden, who on his inauguration day issued an executive order to halt construction of the border wall as well as other shifts, including reinstating “catch and release,” halting “stay in Mexico” and ending the requirement that those seeking asylum first apply in their home country.

Customs and Border Protection statistics show 100,000 illegal aliens were caught attempting to enter the United States from Mexico in February, many of them unescorted minors. That was a nearly one-third jump from the previous month and a three-fold increase from the same month last year.

Biden and officials from his administration have refused to call the situation at the border a “crisis,” insisting on referring to it as a “challenge” and blaming the Trump administration.

Last Thursday, CBP announced that a 9-year-old Mexican girl was found drowned on an island on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River.  Her mother, a Guatemalan national, and her 3-year-old brother, also from Mexico, also were found and revived.

Ladd said the changes have substantially worsened security and safety on his land.

“Bottom line is the only law we have down here now on the border is our sheriff,” he said. “The Border Patrol is hamstrung.

“Nobody leaves the houses unattended. I’ve got to have somebody here all the time. While we never got rid of the guns at the door. Everybody has got a gun at the door. You’ve got to pay attention when you go outside, when it’s dark. Our best watch dogs, they’re sleeping with us again. That’s what we depend on.”

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