Armed Women Defying Would-Be Attackers – RedState

Armed Women Defying Would-Be Attackers – RedState

Gun ownership among women is, if you’ll forgive the play on words, booming. That makes sense; a firearm is the only thing that can put a 110-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound, would-be rapist. With rising crime rates in our big cities — and elsewhere — along with some high-profile pro-Second Amendment court cases, it should come as no surprise that women are arming themselves.

Gun ownership among women has skyrocketed over the last few years, and in 2023, women from coast to coast used their firearms to thwart attacks or crimes. 

Fox News Digital reported on legally armed Americans throughout the year who have defended themselves, their family and even strangers, and looked back at some of the women this year who used their firearms in self-defense. 

An Alabama mom, for example, shot and killed a man who was acting “out of his mind,” and allegedly trying to set a house on fire with the mom, her 8-year-old daughter and 80-year-old uncle still inside the residence back in April.  

Michelle Jones, who lived at the residence with her daughter, told police that she arrived home on a Saturday evening in April and found the suspect acting belligerently. She also discovered the exterior of the home was on fire. The suspect was a friend of the family and reportedly tried to pour acetone on Jones and light her on fire before she grabbed her firearm and fired a shot at the man. 

It’s difficult to determine precisely how often armed citizens use their personal firearms to deter criminals or to stop a crime in progress. While there are some high-profile cases, like that of Michelle Jones above, there are doubtless many, many more where a firearm is only displayed and not fired, or maybe even simply referred to — “I have a gun, get the hell away from me.” Many of these folks are, understandably, reluctant to talk to the authorities, especially in crime-friendly jurisdictions where they may find themselves in legal jeopardy for their act of self-defense.

Estimates, though, run anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of uses of firearms in self-defense every year.

That, however, isn’t the point. Whether defensive gun uses happen once per year or a million, the Constitution guarantees the people the right to keep and bear arms, and women are increasingly more and more likely to exercise that right. Urban jurisdictions are getting slapped down when they try to deny the Second Amendment, and people are taking advantage of that.

Women, most of all, should be pro-Second Amendment. My wife, for example, is small (4’11”) and visibly disabled; one would think she would make an obvious target, but the Glock 43 in her waistband would beg to differ. That’s the only way she would ever be able to resist a young male attacker; fortunately, the Second Amendment guarantees her right to defend herself.

She’s a good shot. And she’s in good company.

“People are refusing to be victims. Women are refusing to be victims anymore. The gun is a great equalizer, right? You talk about gun ownership, it doesn’t matter how big or small or whatever you may be, the gun at least evens out the fight,” (gun shop owner John) Talachy added at the time.

This is as it should be. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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