Be concerned about where gun control is showing up – Bearing Arms

Be concerned about where gun control is showing up – Bearing Arms

It’s a sad day in America when the people supporting a basic, constitutionally protected right are essentially the out-group in American politics, yet here we are.

Gun control has its hooks in academia and the media. Millions of people are face-to-face with the anti-gun indoctrination machine on a daily basis, many of them oblivious to just what they’re looking at.

Honestly, the status quo is bad enough and makes the job of defending the right to keep and bear arms so much more difficult.

And it’s much worse when you consider that the anti-gunners have relationships that let them take on the role of expertise. Like, I don’t know, the public schools.

Local activists from Moms Demand Action gun control group have moved on to Oak Park and River Forest High School urging the school to send out information to parents about safe gun storage.

A few weeks after appearing at an Oak Park Elementary District 97 school board meeting to urge District 97 to send parents information about safe gun storage, Oak Park resident Jenna Leving Jacobson delivered the same message to the OPRF in a public comment she made at the Sept. 21 meeting of the OPRF school board.

Jacobson said that schools sending out information about safe gun storage can save lives.

“We need to make sure that youth in our community do not have unsupervised access to firearms,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson wants school districts to take advantage of a new state law that permits them to provide safety information including information about safe gun storage.

“Educating adults about firearm storage is important,” Jacobson said.

Now, understand that I’m not against educating people about gun storage. I’m not. I’m an advocate for safely and securely storing your firearms when they’re not in use.

I have a big problem with gun control advocates pretending that they’re the experts on the subject, though.

I have a bigger problem when they’re trying to use the public schools to push the idea that they have some relevant expertise on the topic. While Michigan law does apparently allow the schools to send this information home, the idea of pushing the official line from Moms Demand Action is downright insulting.

Remember, folks, that these are people who would have your guns stored in such a way–by law, mind you–that they’d be practically unreachable in the case of a home invasion. They push for certain laws and oppose different ones, yet I don’t remember Moms Demand Action or any other gun control group telling New Jersey that their proposal to require guns and ammo to be locked in separate safes was too far, for example.

So if they get the opportunity to send their information home to parents, it won’t consider things like self-defense or anything else. It’ll just be about keeping your guns as difficult to access as possible.

But the bigger concern is that public education might even consider this. Moms Demand Action pretends they’re about “gun safety,” but we all know that’s just a clever euphemism for gun control. Their agenda is what all gun control groups want, essentially near total civilian disarmament. They don’t like us being able to defend ourselves.

Yet if they get their hooks in public education, it’s only a matter of time before they’re painted as the experts on actual gun safety. Their suggestions and models will replace generations of tradition as to how one acts as a responsible gun owner while still being able to defend themselves.

If this pops up in your community, it’s up to you to stand up and make sure it doesn’t take root. We cannot afford to let them use our taxpayer dollars to any degree to continue their mission to strip us of our God-given right to keep and bear arms.

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