Biden Administration Announces New Gun Storage Rule

Biden Administration Announces New Gun Storage Rule

In response to a school shooting in Michigan last year, the Biden administration announced a new firearms rule, with the intention that all gun owners have secure places to keep their firearms. 

The Department of Justice released a statement Monday with the new rule, which mandates all federally licensed gun retailers to certify that they have secure storage devices specifically compatible to guns they are selling on-site, according to theBlaze

The DOJ stated that these devices “include a safe, gun safe, gun case, lock box, or other device that is designed to be or can be used to store a firearm and that is designed to be unlocked only by means of a key, a combination, or other similar means.” 

TheBlaze adds that this new rule “amends and officially codifies” gun storage mandates already required by the Gun Control Act of 1999 for new Federal Firearms License applicants. The requirements will now be law for “any place where firearms are sold under the license to non-licensed individuals.” 

Attorney General Merrick Garland said that the new policy is meant “to reduce the risk of firearms falling into the wrong hands,” and that “gun safety is a Department of Justice priority, and we will continue to take all appropriate steps to help reduce the number of people killed and injured by the misuse of firearms.” 

The rule will go into effect in February.

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