Biden gaffe on guns best idea he’s had yet – Bearing Arms

Biden gaffe on guns best idea he’s had yet – Bearing Arms

President Joe Biden hasn’t really made a lot of gaffes, surprisingly. Not since he took office, anyway, and not while speaking. He’s been confused, lost, and probably not sure where his pants are at any given moment, but he hasn’t had as many flubs while speaking as we might have anticipated.

Yet on Thursday, he had a doozy.

You see, he basically called for disarming some of his own staff.

Joe Biden was holding one of his gun control speeches at the White House today when he said something very odd.

Biden was talking about what he said was the most significant gun safety law in 30 years when he said the law would keep guns out of the hands of domestic political advisors.

Yeah, he said that. Watch:


Now, the White House clarified Biden’s comments. Apparently, he was supposed to say “convicted domestic abusers.” Like The Right Scoop argues, I have no clue how he got “domestic political advisors” out of that one, but maybe it was past time for his ice cream break or something.

The thing is, I think Biden was actually on to something with the gaffe. I don’t think it was a gaffe at all but a surprising bit of insight from a man who is known for anything but.

We should prevent his domestic political advisors from owning guns.

After all, one would be hard-pressed to find one of those advisors that don’t want to disarm us.

If they’re going to advocate for more and more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights, they should be the first to experience the joys of disarmament. They want to ban semi-automatic weapons? Them first.

“Hur dur, but I don’t own an AR-15, hur dur.”

Doesn’t matter because that Glock you bought for self-defense because you’re too important to be disarmed, unlike the plebes? That’s a semi-automatic too.

In fact, I think any and all federal regulations should be enforced on Biden’s domestic political advisors first.

“But what about convicted domestic abusers?”

It’s already illegal for them to own firearms. What are you going to do, make it double-illegal? No one is even really arguing domestic abusers should be able to own guns. Biden was apparently trying to pick a boogieman that wouldn’t get him ripped to shreds.

Well, by saying domestic political advisors, he kind of did just that.

Now, really, I don’t want to see any kind of gun regulations passed, even if it just hit Biden’s advisors. I cannot really support the right to keep and bear arms if I support restricting the right for any law-abiding citizen, even Biden advisors.

But it does open up some interesting arguments.

After all, Congress is famously exempt from many of the laws it creates for the rest of us. Government officials routinely get away with things that would land us in prison. We don’t have equality before the law in this day and age and anyone who cares to look can see it.

So the concept of making laws impact lawmakers first rather than allowing any degree of exemption might have a chilling effect on stupid laws.

That may also include gun control since many lawmakers who tout restrictions also have guns. It’s a special bit of hypocrisy that’s only hypocritical if you consider legislators as our equals. The problem is, they don’t see it that way. They’re our betters and you’d best not forget that.

While this may have been a gaffe, it got my mind spinning a bit. Nothing will come of this, of course, because it’s not like those lawmakers will impose restrictions on themselves, but this has been a fun exercise just the same.

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