Business Owner Opens Fire on Looters During Buffalo Blizzard – RedState

Business Owner Opens Fire on Looters During Buffalo Blizzard – RedState

The situation in Buffalo, NY, continues to break down. Power has been out for days as thousands of people remain snowed in as a result of a so-called “bomb cyclone” that brought freezing temperatures and precipitation. Buffalo was hit especially hard compared to other regions in the Northeast due to the effect of bordering Lake Erie.

Not everyone remains snowed in, though. Some have extricated themselves from their homes just in time to start looting. Videos of people ransacking businesses began to surface on Christmas Day.

I’ve seen some suggest that this is acceptable because they are just stealing necessities. Yeah, well except they aren’t just stealing necessities, as other videos of the picked-over interiors of these stores show. Two, I’m not sure that’s an excuse anyway.

A year ago (or was it two years ago?), the South saw an extreme weather event that left many areas snowed/iced in without power for an extended period of time (some areas for well over a week). My city was one of those affected. We couldn’t even get out of our neighborhood for days due to the snow and ice and the power was out for most of the week. As far as I know, no one looted anything. Certainly, people weren’t tearing apart the local Wal-Mart just three days after the storm. I do think there could be a situation where looting for necessities is the only alternative. I just don’t see much evidence that’s what is happening in Buffalo.

Some store owners in the city aren’t buying it either. A video that appears to be from Sunday night includes gunfire as a business owner defends his store from looters.

(WARNING: Language)

At the top of the video, you see a group of people in a confrontation across the street. The woman holding the camera then starts screaming about an “Arab” (I’m assuming that’s the business owner) having a gun and telling people to run. A few seconds later, gunshots ring out and chaos ensues.

What’s also notable in the video is that the power is still on and cars are driving around. What possible excuse could there be for trying to loot a store in those conditions? Buffalo’s mayor addressed the anarchy by calling looters the “lowest of the low.”

Look, there may be some apocalyptic scenario where looting becomes morally acceptable. A day or even a few days into a blizzard is not that. People own those stores. That’s their livelihood at stake, and insurance is not a piggy bank (and often doesn’t cover all or any merchandise loss).

Unfortunately, some people have no regard for others, and the police are of no use when society breaks down. Let this video be a reminder of why it’s important to exercise (and be trained to use) your Second Amendment rights.

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