CPAC to Honor Rush Limbaugh

CPAC to Honor Rush Limbaugh

The late Rush Limbaugh will be honored at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, on Saturday and also inducted into the Conservative Hall of Fame.

Fox News reported the special tributes to Limbaugh in a story posted Wednesday.

A video tribute to the radio host, who died last week after battling lung cancer, will be shown Saturday night during CPAC’s Ronald Reagan Dinner.

The American Conservative Union, or ACU, will enshrine Limbaugh into its Conservative Hall of Fame — making him the first individual inducted, according to Fox News. The National Rifle Association was the inaugural inductee in 2018.

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp recalled the impact of Limbaugh’s 2009 CPAC speech, which inspired the conservative movement, Fox News reported.

“He told us what being a conservative is in his language that we got so used to,” Schlapp said. “He told the country what motivates us, he captured [it] in that fly-over country, Midwestern language. I think a lot of people watched it again over the course of the last several days since his passing.”

Former President Donald Trump reportedly will condemn President Joe Biden’s policies and refrain from officially announcing intentions to run again in 2024 when addressing CPAC on Sunday.

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