Dem Voter Decimates Biden With Powerful Response When Asked Who He’s Leaning Toward in Election – RedState

Dem Voter Decimates Biden With Powerful Response When Asked Who He’s Leaning Toward in Election – RedState

We’ve seen some pretty brutal polling lately for Joe Biden, including how he polls against former president Donald Trump. The former president has taken the lead in the RealClearPolitics average, although it’s still tight. 

The polling is particularly bad for Biden regarding the economy. But it also dings Biden when asked who would do better at dealing with a national crisis, where Americans prefer Trump. 

The critical independent vote is the demographic that could decide the election. Independents in the latest Fox News poll prefer Trump by ten points. A Suffolk poll has him up over Biden on the economy by 20 points with independents. The numbers for critical groups that Biden needs — suburban women, women in general, black voters, and Hispanics, Biden has lost ground and Trump has gained since 2020.

The Democratic powers behind Biden behind the scenes have to be pulling their hair out at this point and wondering what they can do with numbers cratering the way they are. But the problem is it’s all built a lot on Biden’s failures. People remember how much better it was under Trump and how much worse they are now under Biden. It’s hard to get around it when people know how this all is affecting their wallets and their own lives. 

But there’s nothing like putting a face on the voters. When Fox asked voters what they thought about the Hunter Biden indictment and Joe Biden, one of the Democratic voters blew their doors off with how frank he was about the problems with Joe Biden. 

Fox spoke to Stacey Fox, who is a Republican voter, and to Jahmiel Jackson, who is a Democratic voter. 

Stacey Fox made the good point that the Hunter Biden indictment on felony gun charges was “something to charge him with that was insulated from his father” and that they’re doing it now to clear the way for the election. That was a pretty good assessment of the matter. Then they could say that it wasn’t a two-tiered system, he got “justice,” while completely ducking the involvement of Joe Biden in the scandal. But it was what Jackson said that blew the doors off the interview. 

Jackson referred to the “sweetheart plea deal” that fell apart for Hunter Biden. He believed they were going to wait a bit until Trump was on trial to try another plea deal regarding the other tax charges. He said the Republicans in the House have shown the investigation was “stymied” and things had been “covered up.” He said he thought it was “just a sham.” 

The Fox interviewer said he was a more “conservative” Democrat and asked who he liked in this election. Jackson replied that he was “mostly geared” toward Donald Trump for a very serious reason. 

“I have seen the pullout from Afghanistan from Joe Biden. And I watched him check his watch during the funeral of the servicemen. And I think if we were to go to a war, I’m prime age to be drafted. And I don’t want him to check his watch while they’re burying me.” Dang, how poignant and true is that? We were all horrified by Biden checking his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony returning the bodies home from Afghanistan. The families of the dead were particularly offended.  Jackson is right — any new war that Biden creates it’s him and his age brethren who they’re going to be trying to throw out there. 

But Jackson wasn’t done yet. 

“I don’t believe he’s a competent commander-in-chief. And then he’d probably blame my death on climate change, in the same way he blamed the pullout on Afghanistan on Donald Trump.”  Oh, my, have you ever seen anyone so flatten Biden? Nice job, Jahmiel Jackson. 

Sounds like Jackson is a Democrat who gets the facts. He goes to the University of Chicago and is on the staff of The Thinker, which has already shown they have some great “thinkers.”

The problem for Joe Biden? A lot of other folks are seeing the same things that Jackson is and coming to similar conclusions.

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