Dick Morris to Newsmax: Twitter Reveal Will Help DeSantis

Dick Morris to Newsmax: Twitter Reveal Will Help DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision to announce his candidacy for the 2024 Republican nomination on Twitter is a good move, political analyst Dick Morris told Newsmax on Tuesday.

DeSantis, 44, will make the announcement with Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk during a Twitter Spaces online event at 6 p.m. EDT Wednesday, with tech entrepreneur David Sacks, who has ties to Musk and is a DeSantis supporter, reportedly moderating the event.

“I think the Musk connection is a very good one, and certainly Musk is widely admired in the U.S. for taking on the establishment in Twitter,” Morris, a former presidential adviser to Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, told “American Agenda.” “I think [Musk] might not wear well because there might be a lot of exposure about [Musk] opening factories in Shanghai, Germany, and Moscow and outsourcing much of Tesla’s production.

“But at the moment, [Musk] certainly is a positive figure in the U.S. and that will help DeSantis.”

Trump still is far ahead in most polls regarding the Republican nomination, and Morris said he still believes Trump will be the GOP’s nominee. But he said because DeSantis is taking hard-right positions on issues such as abortion and gun rights, it could hurt Trump in the general election.

“He’s forcing Trump to move to the right, which would make him less acceptable to the moderates in the general election,” Morris said.

Morris pointed to a fetal heartbeat abortion law that DeSantis recently signed that prohibits abortions after six weeks.

“Most women don’t know they’re pregnant after six weeks,” Morris said. “The other view, which Trump hasn’t embraced but is out there was 15 [weeks], with this kind of a consensus about that.

“The problem is that if the right-to-lifers and the strong anti-abortion people try to force Trump to match DeSantis bit-for-bit in these positions, DeSantis could move the dialogue to a point where no candidate that can win the nomination would win the election.”


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