Disney Heiress Weighs in on the New Florida Law – RedState

Disney Heiress Weighs in on the New Florida Law – RedState

Disney execs may want to consider writing Abigail Disney out of the script.

The Disney Corporation has found itself ensnared in a controversy of its own making. For reasons that make sense to only them, the power players in California felt that remaining silent about politics was not the course to take and instead decided to speak out about Florida’s recently passed parental rights law, creating discord in their customer base. Smart play, you executive dolts; you angered your audience.

Disney felt like they were on the power side, lashing out at politicians and pulling their funding of candidates. Except, as I pointed out Friday, the voters favor this law, and the Republicans in Florida have earned support for it. This seems a case of believing that the loud cranks on social media are a driving force, rather than the over-amplified thinking of the minority. And as a result of needlessly entering the political octagon, Disney has taken some hits; the PR fiasco was added to by Christopher Rufo, who released video of internal meetings showing Disney execs pushing the very agenda the Florida law curtails.

Now entering the fracas, Abigail Disney, scion of the namesake company, releasing a torrent of tweets and outraged anyone would dare question the Disney empire. She is an activist of sorts, a documentary filmmaker and producer who fights for the little guy. Only here, she is fighting on behalf of the global conglomerate bearing her family name, which opposes working-class families who have their children’s interests in mind and pledges to squash the little guy – literally.

Abigail is a privileged multi-millionairess who professes to speak for the downtrodden, to give you an idea, and her level of anger at Rufo and Florida leaders is as imbalanced as it gets. It is amazing and amusing to see someone whose career is dedicated to boosting the oppressed turn suddenly into a caricature of the nefarious CEO, pledging to deliver all the corporate might needed to squash the little people, all because her company is insulted.

She starts by responding to Rufo’s charge that due to recent moves by the company, he is targeting Disney, but then quickly unravels, exposing all the well-known negatives of corporate power — and exposing her own ignorance in the process. This thread is a marvel. Buckle in, as you are in for a ride of delusional privilege.

Right off the bat, she unspools. She is addressing one man’s charge, but then wages war against the entirety of the right-wing and conservative politics. Nobody is coming for you, Abby. Disney CHOSE to enter this fray. The law that passed did not concern your company in any fashion. It only gets better from here.

If it were such nonsense, then why did her company engage? The Florida bill that was passed is concerning content in school classrooms, and has absolutely nothing at all to do with business. As far as her statement of the law being “unsupported,” Ms. Disney here, as a documentarian, shows an inability to do basic research. It’s okay, Abby, I did some for you, as poll after poll has shown support for the law.

Um, “rule with a minority”?! Ms. Disney displays how oblivious she is towards Florida politics of late. For years, the state has consistently turned redder, and currently, in the statewide wide offices, you will find exactly one seated Democrat. What she is barking about is legislation passed by the will of the people. Her not liking the legislation while parked on a loveseat, in her manse located in another state, is irrelevant, as is her stunted political view based on an animated fable.

Spoken like someone who was reared with a trust fund. Politics is run by the electorate, and Ron DeSantis has their support. But since Ms. Disney is money-focused, let me just alert her that Ron is in fine position. The Democrats are not sending any money into Florida to battle DeSantis in what is regarded a foregone election win, so Abby may need to cut some personal checks that are choked with zeros in order to prop up Charlie Crist or Nikki Fried.

‘Poor Bob Chapek was completely blindsided’ is the sell job here. Except Bob had nothing to say in the time that the bill was being debated. Nothing. During the months when it was crafted, there was silence, and Chapek did not start chirping about it until it passed the legislature and the press got ornery, attempting to prod Disney into action as a form of leverage. And he fell for that hysteria.

Abigail shows she has a tenuous grasp on both politics and business here. She is suggesting that companies will have no interest in dealing with a political party that is growing in influence and power. Also, as the polls indicate, the parents are in support of this law, and she is choosing to ignore that massive customer base. This double-header of wisdom from Disney is far from impressive.

There may be no better example of Abigail’s obliviousness than this entry. She lists off the various ways her corporation is shoveled benefits from the government, and then claims it is the government that is being fed?! Honey, tax breaks are largesse for your company, and if you think politicians are prone to avoiding tax revenue, you have clearly never met a politician.

Do not bother asking the documentarian to show you evidence of this harm she claims is taking place – it is all assumed. Her call for “authenticity” is quaint, given she is railing about a law falsely dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill,’ and all the complaints are rooted in lying about the law’s contents. In a recent letter, Chapek talked about supporting the rights and safety of Disney employees – regarding a law stipulating what is a proper lesson plan in kindergarten. The hyperbolic emotions from these folks could not be further from the definition of authentic.

She says this about a law that has led to its supporters being accused of being hateful, sexist, gay-bashing, and transphobic. In this very thread, she has labeled others as radical ideologues, minions, the herd, as well as tossing in racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. But Abigail is opposed to name-calling, you understand.

Why don’t we analyze those principles and values you claim that your company espouses, Ms. Disney? You find that a law written to set age-appropriate classroom content for five- through eight-year-olds is somehow hateful, all while your company follows movie ratings that adhere to this exact standard. You claim it is intolerance that a mother or father might be consulted on a first grader’s lesson plan, all while some of your own films are rated with Parental Guidance Suggested.

The bigger questions surround other areas of business. If this Florida law seeking age-appropriate standards is so hateful, how is it your company does such a healthy business with the human rights-abusing Chi-Com government?

What precisely was decent in shooting “Mulan” in the region where Uyghurs are oppressed, and then thanking the oppressive authorities operating the concentration camps in the region?

Why do Disney Cruises stop at ports in Dominica, where homosexuality is criminalized?

How many countries outlawing gay relationships are your movies released in — with no objection from you?

Look over those unanswered questions, and then consider the level of bile delivered towards a state looking for age-appropriate lessons in classrooms. Florida is on the receiving end of more hate than communists exacting ethnic cleansing, to give you a sense of the imbalanced rage. This heiress knows not of which she speaks, and her ignorance is displayed on the widescreen. I doubt Mr. Chapek can be happy with this rant from her.


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