Ex-Director of National Intel: Deep-Rooted ‘Cultural Problem’ in DOJ

Ex-Director of National Intel: Deep-Rooted ‘Cultural Problem’ in DOJ

A deep-rooted “cultural problem” has persisted in the Department of Justice for years, attorney and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Sunday while speaking on the “disparity” of justice in the Hunter Biden case.

“I think — and that’s just one of many circumstances where we’ve seen this disparity — in that case, you know, amplifying a lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop when it clearly showed, you know, the things that are now coming to light and being verified by whistleblowers, by House Republicans in the efforts that they move forward to obtain these documents that we can all see. And these are, frankly, simple cases,” Ratcliffe told Fox News.

“Again, the two easiest cases to prosecute in Washington, D.C., are the gun and tax crimes against Hunter Biden, which have resulted in no felony recommendations, despite the fact that those recommendations were made, or the classified documents case against Sen. Joe Biden.

“As you know,” Ratcliffe told host Jason Chaffetz, “presidents, vice presidents, members of the executive branch are authorized to have possession of classified documents at least two times. Senators and congressmen never are. The fact that Sen. Joe Biden was in possession in two different locations of those documents. That’s the easiest case in the world, you know, to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. And yet we’ve heard nothing from the special counsel appointed by the Biden administration in that case.

“… Again, it underscores the disparity that we’re seeing. And it’s really why, you know, I think the next president is really going to have to do more than just replace the attorney general and the FBI director, but really turn these entities inside out and address the cultural problem that has existed ever since Eric Holder said that he was Barack Obama’s wingman and began to embed partisans throughout the FBI and the Department of Justice. And I think, you know, to identify this as a small problem is a mistake. It’s a cultural problem. It’s not a one-off issue. We’re seeing it over and over again where there is a disparity of treatment within the Department of Justice.”

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