Ex-NYC Police Commissioner Blasts Travis Kelce’s Past Gun Control Comments – Bearing Arms

Ex-NYC Police Commissioner Blasts Travis Kelce’s Past Gun Control Comments – Bearing Arms

Not having followed the NFL for a number of years, I honestly didn’t know who Travis Kelce was until he started dating Taylor Swift.

I wish I didn’t know who she is.

Anyway, Kelce is a football tight end, and apparently a pretty good one. His stats don’t exactly make him look like Julio Jones, but since he’s a tight end, he’s asked to do more than just catch passes. 

But being good at sports doesn’t translate to people being good at everything. It never has and, frankly, nothing does. Athletes are good at sports and might know other stuff, but some comments from Kelce have surfaced that tell us just how little he understands about guns, crime, the Second Amendment, or anything related.

The comments came back up in the wake of the shooting in Kansas City, and there’s at least some who are seeing conspiracies relating to the shooting and the comments in particular.

But just taking the comments at face value is enough of a reason to go after Kelce, and one former New York police commissioner did just that.

After some shootings in Cleveland wrecked the community that year, Kelce opened up on what he believed via Cleveland.com:

“The [gun violence] rips my heart out. I have to side with LeBron [James] on this one. There needs to be more strict gun laws, especially when toddlers are dying. We can’t have that in our communities, especially when a child’s future is taken away.”

Bernard Kerik, the 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department and a New York Times bestselling author, isn’t a fan of that take. He brought up the resurfaced take from Kelce, which is now almost nine years old, and posted to X about it.

Kerik ripped into Kelce for his stance:

“What a moron! Stricter gun laws will not prevent those toddlers from dying because the shooters aren’t licensed gun owners. If you don’t want ‘that’ in your communities, then start locking people up for a change. You don’t need stricter gun laws, you need to enforce the ones they have.”

Of course, the sports site this came from ponders whether Kerik realized these were older comments, but the truth is that it’s kind of irrelevant. Whether it’s about shootings in Cleveland or what happened in Kansas City, the truth is that most shootings are carried out by people who can’t lawfully own a gun in the first place.

And really, anyone who thinks LeBron is right on the gun issue is clearly as ignorant as LeBron is.

Guns are not the problem. They weren’t the problem in Cleveland and they’re not the problem in Kansas City.

The problem seems to be people who think the correct way to settle a disagreement is to shoot someone. That’s a people problem.

Even if you could get the guns out of their hands and keep them out, you’re not going to end the fatal consequences of disagreeing with the wrong person. They’ll just use something else to take a life instead. That’s because gun control is focused on the wrong thing, the gun.

But Kelce gets blows to the head, so maybe he has an excuse.

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