Family of Church Deacon Killed by Atlanta Police Seeking Justice Through the Courts – RedState

Family of Church Deacon Killed by Atlanta Police Seeking Justice Through the Courts – RedState

The family of Johnny Hollman, who was killed after being tased by Atlanta police last year, is seeking justice. The incident elicited a major backlash after the bodycam footage showing the altercation went viral on social media.

The incident occurred after Hollman refused to accept a ticket issued by officers after a minor car accident. Now, the family is suing the city, the officer involved, and the police chief.

The family of a church deacon who died after struggling with an Atlanta police officer following a minor car crash sued the city, the officer and the police chief on Thursday.

Officer Kiran Kimbrough used excessive force while trying to get 62-year-old Johnny Hollman to sign a citation finding him at fault for the crash, violating his constitutional rights, the lawsuit filed in U.S. district court alleges.

Body camera video of Hollman’s Aug. 10 arrest shows Kimbrough shocked him with a stun gun after he repeatedly said he could not breathe. An autopsy determined Hollman’s death was a homicide, with heart disease also a contributing factor.

Hollman’s family has also called on prosecutors to charge Kimbrough with murder. The former officer was fired for violating department policy by not waiting for a supervisor before trying to arrest Hollman.

Hollman was driving home from a Bible study when he got into a minor traffic accident. Officer Kimbrough, who responded to the incident, determined that Hollman was at fault for the accident and tried to issue a citation, which Hollman refused to sign at first.

An Atlanta police officer responding to a minor car crash deployed a Taser on a church deacon who disregarded multiple commands to sign a traffic ticket, shocking the man after he repeatedly said he could not breathe, police body camera video released Wednesday shows.

Johnny Hollman Sr. became unresponsive during his arrest late on the night of Aug. 10 and later died. An autopsy determined the 62-year-old’s death was a homicide, with heart disease also a contributing factor, and his family has called on prosecutors to charge Officer Kiran Kimbrough with murder. An attorney for Kimbrough, who was fired, says the officer acted lawfully.

The altercation shed light on Georgia’s laws, which, unlike some states, require individuals to sign tickets when they are presented by an officer. The Atlanta Police Department has revised its procedures due to the incident, allowing officers to note “refusal to sign” on citations instead of arresting the individual.

This case highlights not only the actions of police officers but also the laws that often lead to fatal encounters. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently reviewing the case.

Hollman’s daughter, who was on the phone with her father during the altercation said that there is “not a day that go by that I don’t hear his voice in my head.”

“Imagine listening to your father begging and pleading for help. Imagine hearing your father saying they can’t breathe,” she said.

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