Hamas advocates against carrying guns in Israel – Bearing Arms

Hamas advocates against carrying guns in Israel – Bearing Arms

If you’re a gun owner and haven’t actively done everything you could to keep that on the down low, there’s a good chance someone has referred to you as some kind of domestic terrorist. After all, some people think the very act of owning a gun is a terroristic act.

These people are demented, of course, but they exist. Let’s also not forget that the NRA was called a domestic terrorist organization despite no evidence of an act of terrorism carried out by an NRA member.

Yet Hamas is a terrorist organization, according to the US State Department. They’ve been linked to all kinds of terrorist acts over the years.

And guess where they stand on people carrying guns?

The Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement has censured the Israeli regime’s police officers for their repeated “fascist” calls for settlers to carry guns while commemorating the Rosh HaShanah holidays for the Jewish New Year.

In a statement on Saturday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said the renewed calls on settlers to bear firearms are a public incitement to murder that encourages the Jewish extremists to commit further crimes against Palestinian people.

“This fascist call and other similar calls by Zionist officials require clear condemnation from the international community and measures to hold them accountable before international courts,” he said.

Earlier, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates warned about increasing calls for Israeli settlers to carry guns, terming it “a racist incitement against Palestinians.”

The ministry said in a Friday statement that it “views the calls by the commander of Moriya police station in al-Quds for Israeli settlers to carry guns as an extreme danger.”

The statement described such calls as “An official incitement to carry out extrajudicial killings of Palestinians and an authorization for fanatics to take the law into their own hands motivated by their dark agenda.”

Sound familiar?

It sounds absolutely no different than the kind of thing we hear gun control advocates say here in the United States. Maybe it’s just me, but if you sound like Hamas–or Hamas sounds like you–it might be time to step back and think about what you’re doing.

Understand that Hamas prefers disarmed Israeli settlers because they’re easier targets. They can carry out terrorist attacks without worrying about being shot and killed before triggering a suicide bomb.

Terrorists, not unlike any other criminal, prefer their victims to be disarmed.

That’s what this is all about. Hamas is upset at the idea that Israelis might be able to fight back, so they’re lashing out.

Where there’s a difference, though, is that while American gun control groups aren’t linked to criminal activity, Hamas most definitely is related to terrorism. Sure, Giffords and Brady and Everytown might as well be linked to criminal enterprises since they tend to favor policies that just empower the bad guys, the truth is that they’ve broken no criminal laws that I’m aware of.

In other words, they’re not criminals, just idiots.

Hamas, on the other hand, doesn’t really try to pretend it wants anything but the total destruction of Israel.

The truth of the matter is that no matter where you are, there are predators. There will always be people who want to prey upon those they view as weak. Whether they’re criminals or terrorists doesn’t really matter, they’re all willing to kill you just as dead, so their politics are irrelevant.

And they don’t want to be dead, so they like it when you’re disarmed.

Where there’s a difference is that our criminals don’t want the wholesale slaughter of our people and our way of life, just our valuables. Again, though, they’re still willing to kill you just as dead, so I’m not sure it matters.

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