‘I Would Do It Again. I Hate Them.’

‘I Would Do It Again. I Hate Them.’

The transgender suspect accused of murdering his parents at a home in Utah has admitted to the killings and stated that he would do it again, police said on Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials arrested 28-year-old Collin Troy Bailey after he was found in a field of weeds on Wednesday following a roughly 12-hour search that began the night before after they received a call about a shooting at a home where a man and a woman were found dead.

Bailey, a man who claims that he is a woman, was charged with two counts of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, seven counts of shooting a gun, and aggravated burglary.

The victims — identified as 69-year-old Gail Bailey and 70-year-old Joseph — were Bailey’s parents, local media reported.

Police documents said that Bailey had no remorse for murdering his parents, allegedly saying: “I would do it again. I hate them.”

A police booking affidavit stated that Bailey told law enforcement that he went to the home specifically to murder his parents.

Neighbors told police that there was a lot of “volatility and bad vibes” in the family.

Bailey told police that he had “strained relationships” with multiple other family members, the document said. Multiple family members told police that they were afraid of him.

Someone in the home heard the gunshots and fled to a neighbor’s house, where they called the police.

Bailey’s brother reportedly locked himself and his wife in his bedroom during the killings.


Bailey shot at the locked bedroom and told police that he didn’t care if he killed his brother, according to a booking affidavit.

He told police that upon breaking into the home, he opened fire on his mother, shooting her three times. When his father started coming toward him, he shot his father in the head. He later returned and shot both parents again in the head to ensure that they were dead.

“Mia describes jumping fences or walls, hiding in bushes, sleeping in a park bathroom, and other efforts to elude law enforcement,” police said in the document. “Mia bragged about [his] ability to avoid the efforts of law enforcement to locate [him], including evading officers, hiding from helicopters and hiding from drones.”

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