It Looks Like Another Soros DA in California Will Face a Recall Election – RedState

It Looks Like Another Soros DA in California Will Face a Recall Election – RedState

It looks like another Soros DA in California will be facing a recall election. As we’ve been reporting, proponents of an effort to recall Alameda County’s District Attorney, Pamela Price, have been gathering signatures for months to place a recall election on the ballot. On Monday those proponents turned in 123,387 signatures – 50,000 more than the 73,195 required.

Alameda County Registrar of Voters Tim Dupris now has ten days to run validation checks to ensure that the signatures are from registered Alameda County voters and certify the number of valid signatures submitted. If his office certifies that at least 73,195 valid signatures were submitted, a recall election must be held.

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Since taking office, Price has implemented a policy that punishing crime is unfair to, um, people who commit crimes. Murder victim 23-month-old Jasper Wu died in November 2021 when crossfire between rival gangs on an Oakland freeway enveloped his parent’s car. Price refused to add special enhancements to the charges against the shooters, thus eliminating the possibility that if convicted the men could face life without parole in prison. Price went on record saying people were attempting to use the case to stir up racial division.

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Price threw a temper tantrum when a county judge rejected a plea bargain deal that reduced the charges in a murder-for-hire scheme that claimed the lives of three men down to one charge of involuntary manslaughter.

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Ironically, the same judge later accepted the plea deal despite an impassioned plea by the mother of one of the murder victims.

That opposition continued Thursday, when (murder victim Eric) Ford’s mother criticized Price for not having sought a harsher prison sentence for the man who “violently and cruelly” killed her son. In a letter read aloud by (prosecutor Nick) Homer, Ford’s mother wrote that she felt little choice but to accept the deal — referencing how Price appeared to be offering increasingly lenient plea deals in recent months.

“What will she do next? Dismiss it completely?” Ford’s mother wrote. “I’m at the point where I just want this process to be over.”

“May God protect all of the other families who have lost loved ones to violent crime, because this district attorney does not care,” she added.

Price’s supported have attempted to portray the recall effort as class warfare.

Opponents say the effort to recall Price is supported by wealthy real estate interests and would, if successful, result in an appointed district attorney rather than an elected one. 

“The other side has no solutions just money and loud mouths and they’re weaponizing people’s real pain trying to oust a democratically elected leader,” Fitzgerald said.

Apparently, weaponizing real pain consists of letting murderers walk. Take the case of Jarin Purvis, who was deliberately shot and killed in 2020. His murderer, James Vega, is now free after Price’s office downgraded the case in 2023 from murder to involuntary manslaughter. Please note that Vega pointed a gun at Purvis and fired the gun. This, in Priceland, is an unintentional death. For the record, Purvis was black, thus demonstrating that in terms of leaving bereaved families’ desire to see true justice done unfulfilled, Price is an equal opportunity dissatisfier.

Although Price has yet to attempt filing charges against former President Donald Trump, she has emulated Fulton County (Georgia) DA Fani Willis in regards to the fine art of employing her boyfriend. Perhaps this is a hitherto unknown job requirement for county DAs.

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Should sufficient signatures have been gathered, a recall election will be held sometime in between May 2024 and the fall. One can only hope the murder victims in Alameda County between now and then will receive justice.

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