Jeff Van Drew to Newsmax: Credit Card Move on Gun Sales a ‘Loss of Freedom’

Jeff Van Drew to Newsmax: Credit Card Move on Gun Sales a ‘Loss of Freedom’

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., told Newsmax on Friday that the recent move by credit card companies to categorize gun sales separately is a “loss of freedom” for Americans.

Van Drew told “American Agenda” that the move is his biggest concern when it comes to gun rights.

He said: “Every day and every way we’re losing freedom in this country, whether it’s the ability to speak out online — sometimes you’re taken off because you’re too conservative — whether it’s parents trying to speak out and make sure that their children are not getting just horrible information in school and learning the right things, and literally having the ability to speak and work with their children.”

Van Drew continued: “This is just one more way. We already have a next background check, we have a federal check for those that have problems or have issues or who have done something wrong.

“You cannot purchase a gun without going through that next background check.

“This is just another level to try to really typecast … the companies that use credit cards, and they all do, and the people who own the credit card as being people that are going to be watched ever somewhere carefully like they’re terrorists, or they’re doing something wrong, and they’re doing nothing wrong.”

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