Joy Reid, Joy Behar pivot Kavanaugh threat to gun control – Bearing Arms

Joy Reid is one of those people who is always good for a quote that will make zero sense to anyone outside of the progressive bubble. Joy Behar has a long history of pretty much the exact same thing.

Frankly, the Joyless Duo are only on television because the progressive bubble is a thing and they have long existed deep within it.

After all, if intellectual prowess were a job requirement, they’d both be starving in the streets.

Take their latest move in the wake of an assassination threat to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, for example.

Reid went first, addressing the Kavanaugh situation on “The ReidOut,” with coverage of McConnell’s attacking House Democrats for not passing legislation to increase security for justices, which the Senate passed unanimously amid protests at justices’ homes last month. Those protests followed the leak of a draft opinion that indicated the Supreme Court is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“McConnell, today in response to the fact that a man showed up armed to Justice Kavanaugh’s house, which should not happen, let’s just be clear, no one should be threatened with gun violence, including Justice Kavanaugh,” said Reid, who has been a voracious critic of him and other conservative justices.

“Here was Mitch McConnell’s response in the urgency he feels about protecting the precious, the Supreme Court majority which [is] the whole point, apparently, of his career, to have a right-wing majority. Here’s Mitch McConnell today,” Reid said before airing footage of McConnell urging Democrats to pass a bill to increase judge protections.

For Behar, it was a little different, but not by much.

After her co-host Whoopi Goldberg talked about how both sides are to blame for this particular situation–not necessarily something I agree with, but it’s a discussion I’d actually be willing to have with Goldberg–Behar offered this:

Behar then chimed in, “The House, that’s what’s his face, McConnell. Um, he’s demanding that the House pass security protections for Supreme Court Justices ‘before the sun sets today.’”

She then said there has been “nothing” regarding recent mass shootings, but McConnell is “worried” about Supreme Court Justices.

“That is his urgency,” she said.

Well, yeah, because this was a specific threat.

It’s interesting to note how few of the people who have screamed about blame in the wake of, say, Buffalo and how the right has fostered an environment for that shooter to become radicalized–it’s nonsense, but stay with me here–have been remarkably silent about a man wanting to kill a Supreme Court justice over a leaked ruling.

This despite the horrific rhetoric toward them and even the doxxing of the justices.

In fact, that’s all this pivoting to attack McConnell on gun control is really all about. They can’t answer for their own hateful rhetoric, their own fiery proclamations that this is the end of freedom or something.

To be clear, I’m not blaming the left as a whole for the planned assassination. The responsibility for that falls squarely on the shoulders of the would-be gunman.

Yet I also believe in making others play by their own rules. If Buffalo is because the right is evil then this is because of the left’s hateful rhetoric. That’s just how it goes.

Reid and Behar likely know this and are feeling that responsibility, which is why they’re trying to pretend they in particular played absolutely no role in “radicalizing” this individual to try and kill a sitting Supreme Court justice.

So, they deflect and try to blame Sen. Mitch McConnell for not passing gun control, a policy he doesn’t believe will make anything better but will likely make things much, much worse.

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