Juveniles Detained, Motive May Have Been Personal Dispute – Bearing Arms

Juveniles Detained, Motive May Have Been Personal Dispute – Bearing Arms

While authorities in Kansas City have yet to officially charge anyone in connection with the shooting at the celebration parade for the Kansas City Chiefs on Wednesday that left one woman dead and more than twenty others injured, details are starting to trickle out about those in custody and what might have been the motive in the shooting; neither of which is convenient for the narrative pushed by Joe Biden and others that simply passing more gun laws would have prevented the tragedy. 

If police do have at least some of the right suspects in custody, then it would appear that they were ineligible to legally possess or purchase a firearm to begin with. 

Two juveniles are among those detained in connection with Wednesday’s shooting following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration rally, which left one dead and more than 20 wounded, according to Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves. 

At least 23 victims have been identified, including a 43-year-old woman who died, Graves said at a news conference Thursday. The other 22 victims range in age from 8 to 47, Graves said, adding that half are younger than 16.

The shooting appears to have been a “dispute between several people that ended in gunfire,” Graves said, noting there is no indication of a “nexus to terrorism or homegrown violent extremism.”

On Wednesday, Graves said three people had been detained and an unspecified number of guns recovered by police.

Several law enforcement officials similarly told CNN the shooting was believed to have been the result of a personal dispute in the area, and not an attack on the celebration itself.

One of those officials said the three people in custody are all believed to have been involved in the dispute and that, initially, 10 people were questioned. The status of the other seven who were questioned is unclear.

What do you want to bet that one or more of the three people in custody were already known to the local criminal justice system before they were placed in handcuffs on Wednesday afternoon? 

Based on what police and eyewitnesses have said to date, it does indeed sound like this was the horrific result of an argument among one or more idiots who decided to start banging away at each other in a crowd of people out to celebrate their hometown team. 

Jacob Gooch Sr., who was shot in the ankle, told CBS Thursday he overheard an altercation prior to the shooting, in which a girl told someone else, “Don’t do it, not here, this is stupid.”

Gooch – who said his wife and son were also shot – told “CBS Mornings” his wife and daughter then saw someone draw a gun.

“My daughter said that some lady was, like, holding him back,” Gooch said, “and people had started backing up and then he pulled it out and just started shooting and spinning in a circle.”

So which one of Joe Biden’s policy proposals would have stopped this, if the suspects in question aren’t legally eligible to own guns or ammunition in the first place? Once again the anti-gunners didn’t hesitate to leap to the conclusion that the only way to have prevented this tragedy was to curtail the right to keep and bear arms, when it now sounds like at least some of the people who pulled the triggers were already prohibited under state and federal law from possessing a firearm.

Again, there’s a lot of information that has yet to come out, and as of mid-day Thursday police haven’t formally charged anyone in connection with the shooting, including the three individuals who are in custody. But if the scant few details that have emerged are anywhere close to accurate, then it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t a lack of gun control laws that led to the shooting, but a lack of self-control by those who pulled the triggers.  


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