Mandel, Timken Slam Cincinnati Bell for Dropping Newsmax

Mandel, Timken Slam Cincinnati Bell for Dropping Newsmax

Two Republican U.S. Senate candidates in Ohio spoke out against the removal of Newsmax from the Midwestern telecom giant Cincinnati Bell in separate appearances Thursday on ”Spicer & Co.

Josh Mandel, the former Ohio state treasurer, asserted that he would ”take on any company” … ”if they’re trampling our First Amendment rights.”

”First of all, shame on Cincinnati Bell,” Mandel said. ”Second of all, I think Newsmax is at the pointy tip of the spear in opening up the airwaves for a pro-Trump, pro-gun, pro-liberty, pro-Constitution message.”

”I will take on any company, whether it’s Cincinnati Bell or it’s these Big Tech thugs like Facebook and Twitter and Google and others, if they’re trampling on our First Amendment rights,” he continued.

Mandel, the Republican nominee for the Ohio Senate seat in 2012, also praised Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, host Sean Spicer and the network for ”holding the powerful accountable.”

”Organizations like Newsmax, people like yourself, people like Chris Ruddy and others, you were out there holding the powerful accountable, and they don’t like that,” Mandel said.

”They don’t want to be held accountable. They want to live by one set of rules while people in Ohio and in the heartland live by another set of rules, and that’s why I think it’s important for Newsmax to have a platform wherever you can,” he added.

Jane Timken, the former chair of the Ohio Republican Party, said that Big Tech companies were operating as a ”second arm of the government” and determining acceptable speech ”by fiat.”  

”It’s against our First Amendment,” Timken told Spicer.

”I will fight strong for our First Amendment, freedom of speech, and for companies like Newsmax to be on the air because you do an incredible service and get the message out to people so that they have a voice,” she added.

The comments from Mandel and Timken follow news on Feb. 8, 2022, that Cincinnati Bell was dropping Newsmax in a ”business decision” after negotiations with the company, a statement read.

Cincinnati Bell referred to Newsmax’s negotiating demands as ”unreasonable,” despite the network being the fourth highest-rated cable news channel. The carrier hosts 11 liberal news channels, most of which has less viewership than Newsmax, according to the statement.

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