Mia Bonta Caves, Says She Will Recuse Herself From Matters Concerning the CA AG’s Office – RedState

Mia Bonta Caves, Says She Will Recuse Herself From Matters Concerning the CA AG’s Office – RedState

KCRA News reporter Ashley Zavala is taking a victory lap this Sunday night, and rightfully so. Had it not been for her dogged persistence in questioning the ethical violations in appointing Assemblywoman Mia Bonta, the Attorney General‘s wife, to a committee that oversees the DOJ budget, Californians would still be in the dark about how the California Legislature likes to blur ethical lines, and California Democrats would continue to do business as usual—thumbing their nose at the citizens of the state and eschewing standards that are put in place to protect our interests.

Not This Time.

Mia Bonta Statement Recusing Herself From AG Matters, 02-19-2023.

Bonta’s statement:

I’m proud to represent my constituents and all Californians on Budget Subcommittee 5 as my district is amongst the highest impacted by gun violence and the carceral system, public safety and justice are top priorities for me, and the Speaker appointed me to be a voice for the victims and communities affected.

While it has been made abundantly clear that there is no legal or ethical conflict in my serving as Chair of Budget Subcommittee 5 as requested by the Speaker, I believe as legislators we have an obligation to ensure the people of California have absolute confidence in the legislative process. I will recuse myself from Budget Subcommittee 5 matters directly pertaining to the Department of Justice including budget change proposals, proposed trailer bills, and legislative budget proposals that pertain to the DOJ to ensure that the body may focus on the important work before us.

I’d like to thank my colleagues in the Assembly and the Legislature as well as my district for the outpouring of support these few days, and I look forward to continuing my service on behalf of Californians.

It is interesting that despite this supposed “outpouring” of support Bonta decided not to die on this hill. Apparently she is keeping her powder dry for bigger political capitol which will be explored in these pages in the coming days.

In the meantime, integrity wins the day. Doesn’t happen often in California, but we will take it.

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