Michael Knowles Pulls Back The Curtain On Trans-Identifying Ukrainian Military Spokesman

Michael Knowles Pulls Back The Curtain On Trans-Identifying Ukrainian Military Spokesman

A spokesman for the Ukrainian military is a trans-identifying American who once ran for office on a marijuana-based platform and called for a “perpetual revolution” to “crush” American society, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles revealed Friday.

Michael “Sarah” Cirillo became a journalist before joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in October 2022, and eventually got promoted to the rank of sergeant before becoming an AFU spokesman. Knowles revealed that Cirillo began “to explore transition” two months after marrying his wife. He eventually divorced his wife, admitting that “she carried this secret in silence and in pain.”

“In 2018, he admitted that his many troubles followed a need for ‘constant stimulation,’” Knowles wrote, citing some of Cirillo’s Instagram posts. “Running toward natural disasters and civil wars wasn’t enough because ‘it all felt like a game’ that he could ‘leave & resume life as a white male in the greatest country in the world.’”

“In 2019, Cirillo began to perform his caricature of womanhood in public,” Knowles said.

Cirillo then ran for Las Vegas city council on a platform of using cannabis revenue to fund “infrastructure, schools, and social programs.”

“But a penchant for the Devil’s Lettuce was only the beginning of Cirillo’s political program, which soon led him to join the Democratic Socialists of America and call for ‘perpetual revolution’ to ‘crush’ American society,” said Knowles.

After joining the Ukrainian military, Cirillo met with Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) in December 2022. Cirillo, who posted twice on Instagram about the sit-down with Swalwell, said the two discussed “ways to make Ukraine’s war efforts against the Russian invaders even more successful.” Swalwell’s office didn’t respond to a Daily Wire request for comment on his meeting with Cirillo by the time of publication.


A few months after Cirillo posted about his meeting with the Democratic congressman, he was promoted to sergeant. “Because with his background in photography, gambling, and investment analysis, along with a delusional belief in his own womanhood and a need for ‘constant stimulation,’ who wouldn’t trust this guy with a gun in a foreign war?” Knowles asked.

“Cirillo’s delusional identity is personally destructive, but it’s also politically dangerous. This man is the face and voice of the Western-backed belligerent in the first major war in Europe in 78 years,” Knowles said. “Does anyone believe this drag show is helping? Or is it all just a ‘game’ to provide ‘constant stimulation’ for a sick man and, worse yet, a sick civilization?”


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