Moms Demand Action makes demands in pro-gun Kansas – Bearing Arms

Moms Demand Action makes demands in pro-gun Kansas – Bearing Arms

The state of Kansas is pretty pro-gun. There hasn’t been much of any sign that lawmakers there are interested in pushing for gun control in general.

I mean, I don’t follow all 50 states legislatures with a magnifying glass or anything, but I know what we normally see out of the state and it’s not the kind of place where Moms Demand Action normally gets their way.

Not that they don’t try, mind you. In fact, the action they demand is particular legislation they want to see passed.

During National Suicide Prevention Month, gun safety advocates shed light on rising rates of firearm suicide in the state.

Shannon Little, the chapter co-lead for Kansas Moms Demand Action, and organization volunteer Ann Williamson discussed the need for more gun safety measures during a Kansas Reflector podcast.

Little expressed disappointment about recent legislative action. Lawmakers on a mental health committee recently rejected recommendations for gun safety measures, such as gun locks, looking instead to social media and the Internet as areas of concern.

“I understand that they want to address the underlying causes of suicide in Kansas,” Little said. “But if there’s something that could work towards prevention while they’re investigating those causes, and researching that more, why wouldn’t they want to help? Why wouldn’t they want to save children and save teenagers?”

She estimated about 68% of gun violence in Kansas is through firearms suicide.

“We support responsible gun ownership,” Little said. “We just want to have those conversations with adults and caregivers and gun owners about how to keep those firearms safe and how to keep their kids safe and how to keep anybody who shouldn’t have a firearm for any reason safe from those firearms.”

Except it wasn’t just rejecting gun locks. It was rejecting a so-called safe storage program, otherwise called mandatory storage.

Kansas is the kind of state where tax credits for gun safes are a much easier sell, which would increase the amount of gun storage actually happening.

Yet that’s ultimately not what groups like Moms Demand Action want.

They keep saying they support responsible gun ownership, yet their every action and legislative effort seeks to ban or mandate whatever without any regard for literally anything but their own whims.

Kansas lawmakers want to look at the underlying problems with regard to suicides. As we’ve been inundated with talk about gun control and suicide, this has been a bit of an issue over the last week or so, and I’ve got to tell you that the lawmakers are taking the correct approach.

Nearly half of all suicides use a method other than a firearm. If you take guns out of the equation, there are still tons of ways for someone who wants to take their own life to actually do so. Simply removing one method doesn’t solve the problem, it just shifts it in another direction.

That’s par for the course for anti-gunners, though. They don’t really care about homicides, just gun homicides. They don’t care about suicides, just gun suicides. Screw all those other people, right?

Instead, legislators are trying to address the suicide issue from all angles, for all methods, and undermining the causes so that people don’t use any method for taking their own life. It’s not rocket science, and yet these dipsticks are acting like it’s the wrong approach.

Here’s the thing, though. Their approach causes at least as many problems as it solves. It dictates who can do what with their own property in their own home without any regard for individual needs or the situation that someone might find themselves in.

I’m glad Kansas lawmakers are ignoring this nonsense.

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