NBA personalities now part of Biden gun control effort – Bearing Arms

NBA personalities now part of Biden gun control effort – Bearing Arms

Now, I’m realistic enough to know that the stereotypical image of an athlete–one where the jock is a complete moron who can barely sign his own name–isn’t remotely accurate. Not in most cases, anyway. Athletes run the gamut from idiot to intelligent, be they in the NFL, NBA, NHL, or whatever.

But not necessarily being stupid doesn’t mean you’re an expert outside of your chosen profession.

For example, if I want to improve my jump shot, I might talk to an NBA player or coach who understands the mechanics involved. If I want to talk about how to achieve peace in the Middle East, I wouldn’t. It’s outside of their skill set.

Unless you’re the President of the United States, apparently, and the topic is gun control.

On their recent celebratory visit to the White House, the NBA champion Golden State Warriors presented President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris with their own jerseys, but a few of the players also participated in a roundtable on gun violence, according to Deadline.

Players Klay Thompson and Moses Moody and coach Steve Kerr reportedly took part in the discussion with White House officials, with Kerr stating that they “learned a lot about what this administration is doing to help create a safer environment in our country.”

“That is something that is very close to my heart,” the coach added.

Kerr is a noted anti-gun activist who has over the years made many statements calling out Republican senators and politicians, even blaming party members for shootings.

Kerr, in particular, has been a very outspoken opponent of our Second Amendment rights over the years. In fairness to him, his father was shot to death, which can color anyone’s opinion of guns. However, he doesn’t seem to get that every game he’s been affiliated with since high school was protected by people with guns.

So he’s not really anti-gun. He’s just anti-you having a gun.

The inclusion of three people from the NBA, two players and a coach, sent a pretty clear signal, at least in my mind. It sends a signal that Biden isn’t really serious about reducing so-called gun violence.

See, it’s unlikely any of these three–even Kerr who may well be at least passing familiar with the topic–have any new perspective to offer such a roundtable. They’re not there to offer new ideas or anything of value.

No, they were included for no rational reason at all. They were just there to provide a little star power to the roundtable.

But if you view gun violence as a serious thing–I don’t only because I think it’s stupid to differentiate between weapons when violence is the actual problem–then you shouldn’t be trying to add glitz to the proceedings. Get in there with serious people, do the serious work, and call it a day.

That’s not what happened, but is anyone really surprised?

The truth of the matter is that gun control isn’t a serious proposition. It’s an emotional one, one based entirely on people being afraid or hurting, not on the cold reality on the ground.

Kerr has been emotional for decades, which is why he’s been so vocally anti-gun, so Biden simply glomped onto him and his celebrity. That’s literally all that happened. It’s like the dude getting an autograph from someone he’s not even necessarily a fan of, just because the celebrity is famous.

If Biden wants his anti-gun efforts to be taken seriously, maybe he should leave out the NBA players from the gun policy discussions and focus on the dog and pony show with them, then get back to work.

Granted, I appreciate any distraction that keeps Brandon from interfering with our right to keep and bear arms, but his supporters might not.

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