NBC Says Conservatives Are ‘Stoking Fears’ of Terrorism Without Proof—Here’s Your Proof – RedState

NBC Says Conservatives Are ‘Stoking Fears’ of Terrorism Without Proof—Here’s Your Proof – RedState

The threat of terrorism and terrorist attacks should be taken seriously, and what is going on right now in Israel and the Gaza Strip is proof enough of that. However, when those on the right start talking about protecting our borders or remaining vigilant about our surroundings and who we see, we are labeled as “fear mongers,” or we are “stoking fears” by those in the mainstream media and the left. This is all because the FBI has reported that they have seen no credible threat of any terrorist attack—yet the same FBI is now coordinating with local law enforcement agencies to assist in any possible threat to their areas. 

Conservative social media influencers have been filling platforms such as X and Truth Social with speculation not backed by any evidence that attacks on civilians in Israel would soon be followed by similar attacks in major U.S. cities and that people should begin preparing — including by avoiding cities and purchasing firearms.

The speculation with no evidence to support it has come from former President Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr. and a host of right-wing commentators with big followings who issued vague warnings about imminent invasions or attacks. Many of the posts tie in a hodgepodge of Republican Party talking points on subjects such as gun rights, immigration from Asia, crime and Iran policy.

NBC goes on to admit that people on the terrorist watch list have been apprehended at the southern border, illegally attempting to enter the country. 

NBC News reported last month that U.S. border agents have taken into custody a growing number of people on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist trying to enter via the southern border, but there is no evidence that Hamas fighters who carried out attacks in Israel in recent days are pouring in from Mexico. 

But to then say that there is no evidence of Hamas fighters illegally entering the country is both disingenuous and lazy for a few reasons. So far in 2023, according to The Center for Immigration Studies has said that over 1.3 million people had entered illegally and eluded capture by authorities and that the CBP and Border Patrol had no idea where they went or where they are right now. It is completely in the realm of possibility, especially with how the border has been handled under President Biden’s administration, that an unknown number of Islamist terrorists have already entered or plan to enter this country illegally through the southern border. And with the world still reeling from the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel, Hamas issued a call to arms around the world for all Arabs to fight in what he called the Al-Aqsa Flood. They made clear that it was the duty of all Arabs to sacrifice themselves for the “Palestinian” people tomorrow on the 13th. 

Hamas urges “the masses of our Arab and Islamic nation and our Palestinian people in all places” to march toward “the borders of our beloved Palestine in massive gatherings.” It also urges “the free people of the world to mobilize in solidarity with our Palestinian people and in support of their just cause and legitimate rights to freedom, independence, return, and self-determination.” Robert Greenway, director of the Center for National Defense at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal that the statement will result in bloodshed. “It is an unambiguous global call to arms,” Greenway said. “It will be heeded. There will be blood.”

So now we have Hamas pulling off what is admittedly a very successful invasion and attack on a country with border security measures that blow ours out of the water. Remember, Israel had Gaza completely sealed off with a border wall that went several feet under the ground to prevent tunneling through to the other side. They have hundreds of sensors that track thermal imagery and manned border checkpoints along the entire stretch of the wall. And even with all that, Israel got caught flat-footed in a massive invasion by air, land, and water. To say that Hamas is not capable of sending their own terrorists or die-hard supporters into this country by infiltrating our unprotected and open border is to deny reality and possibility. In addition, we see protests all around the country that are shockingly in support of Hamas and Palestine. In New York, sadly, we saw hundreds of Hamas sympathizers en mass in Times Square demonstrating their disgusting support for terrorists. Now the NYPD is recalling their officers from time off or plain clothes activities to be in uniform and at their stations Friday to deal with any possible attacks.  

People are scared and for good reason, and it’s because this kind of terrorism has never been seen, especially at the level that took place last week in Israel. It is completely rational to be fearful of an attack like that, and let us never forget what happened on September 11th, 2001. The calls from those of us on the right to be vigilant, to be ready, to make sure we have our guns close, all these things are rational. If what happened in Israel happens here, we WILL need those AR-15s and the real high-capacity magazines that can hold 60 or 100 rounds. 

Unfortunately, we have been the victim of radical Islamist terrorism before, and sadly we just might be again. Yes, we need to remain calm and not gin up a panic like SOME, not all, are doing on the right. No, they shouldn’t be saying, “Stay out of major cities. There’s going to be massive terrorist attacks in urban areas over these next 14 months,” or stuff like that. But to deny the reality that there could very well be terrorists already in this country actively plotting against us is worse. Luring us into a false sense of security does just as much danger as the opposite. Let us all just try and do the right thing here, be mindful of your surroundings, and if you see something, say something. We are all each other’s keepers and or neighbors, let’s look out for each other. 

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