New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Calls for State Ban on High-Caliber Guns

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Calls for State Ban on High-Caliber Guns

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy would like to ban .50-caliber firearms in his state, along with requiring that federal firearms license holders create a database on ammunition sales.

On Tuesday, while addressing a church in Paterson, Murphy launched a renewed push for a comprehensive gun bill package.

According to, Murphy wants to raise the minimum age for those buying shotguns from 18 to 21, require gun owners in the state to take gun safety courses, and require that all handguns be stamped so that bullets can be traced back to owners. 

From Murphy’s perspective, it’s all about getting high-caliber guns off the streets. 

“Ban the sale of .50-caliber firearms,” said Murphy, adding that high-caliber weapons “can take down helicopters. Ukrainians need them. We don’t need them in New Jersey. Who can seriously argue that these weapons of war belong on our streets?”

According to EverytownResearch.Org, New Jersey already has universal background checks “for handgun purchases at point of sale and/or for permit to purchase.”

There are also enacted measures pertaining to red flag laws, gun storage requirements, an assault weapons ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, regulations for so-called ghost guns, and regulations on the open carrying of firearms, among other controls, EverytownResearch says.

That won’t curb Murphy’s pursuit of more gun regulations, however.

Ideally, the governor wants new gun safety measures passed before the summer, when gun violence tends to run more rampant.

Citing a Breitbart News report, Alan Gottlieb, executive director for the Second Amendment Foundation, offered the following response:

“New Jersey may have been the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights, but under Governor Murphy [it’s] the last state to recognize it.”

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