No ‘Drastic Bump in Public Shootings’ With Increase in Carry Permits – Bearing Arms

No ‘Drastic Bump in Public Shootings’ With Increase in Carry Permits – Bearing Arms

Last week New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin released a permit to carry “dashboard.” The dashboard contains an aggregate of available and imputed data about permit applications in the Garden State. It shows denials, how many were issued, and contains demographic information. This dashboard has created quite a stir, with MSM and anti-gun groups observing a 3000% increase in permit to carry holders. The Chicken Littles saying that there’s going to be blood in the street, are screaming from the rooftops. According to Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, the head of the N.J. State Police, there’s been no increase in “public shootings.”

The dashboard has uncovered plenty of interesting details about who’s getting permits and does indicate there’s 33,044+ new concealed carriers in the Land of 1000 Diners. This “alarming” 3000% increase in law-abiding citizens carrying firearms for self-defense in public also came at the heels of Governor Phil Murphy, D-N.J., saying, “We can officially report that in the year 2023, New Jersey officially saw its lowest number of shootings in nearly 15 years.”

But what about Callahan? Well, I might owe Callahan an apology. Just the other week I said all kinds of dirty and nasty things about him. Okay, I don’t owe him an apology at all, I take no quarter – however, I will say he seems to be more sincere — or less saccharine — lately than he was in the past.

Back in 2022, Callahan said he spoke to over 400 municipalities to “prepare them for both more concealed carry permit applicants and gun violence.” He also expected 200,000 permit to carry applications.

A recent news segment on NJ Spotlight News got Callahan on the record. The March 19th airing did seem to have some bias, with the reporting agency lending more time to what I’d consider the anti-gun crowd. However, they did give a generous bit of coverage to the owner of a Garden State gun range. No gun rights organization was represented.

What did Callahan have to say about firearms in New Jersey?

“Legally purchased weapons are not used, for the most part, in crime in New Jersey. Our crime weapons, based upon our data and our analysis, show…and you’ve heard us say it, that 80% of our crime guns are from outside the state of New Jersey.” – Colonel Patrick J. Callahan

The news report continued to say, “Colonel Patrick Callahan with the state police also says there hasn’t been a drastic bump and public shootings or people accidentally shooting their guns.

“I think responsible gun owners that follow those procedures, that go and get their background checks, and have that process done…and apply for a permit to carry, are just that.”  – Colonel Patrick J. Callahan

Well Patrick J. Callahan, maybe you’re not a “probable liar.” Maybe you’re not “either incompetent or malicious.” What I can say is that you’ve probably upset the Murph. I’m sure he gagged on a stiff drink while at the bar at Nicholas’s Barrel & Roost upon hearing Callahan’s comments. Or if he did not hear them when they aired, maybe this’ll pop up in his Google alert.

I’m not going to say I called this shot, and we’re not quite 100% there yet – but I did mention in passing last week:

Callahan, you’re probably not a bad dude, and I know you are “just following orders,” but c’mon man, you see the trend. Deep down you know that more guns in the hands of the law abiding equates to less crime. Just admit it.

Gun owners have a long road to travel ahead of them in New Jersey and other states intent on going against civil liberties. The anti-gun cabal is putting pressure on the weak so-called “leaders” in this country and governors like Murphy, Hochul D-N.Y., Newsom D-Calif.,, are scrambling to cut their teeth for their next political moves by shredding the Constitution.

Callahan, you earned a little respect this week. You actually told the truth, which is a lot coming from someone in the viper pit of the New Jersey political machine. I’ll tell you what sir, cigars are on me. Let’s get together – no bars or places that sell alcohol though – and we’ll have a smoke and a chat. I’ll even keep it off the record, but I want a selfie. DM me bro.

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