NYC councilwoman seeks to undermine gun unit – Bearing Arms

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is in a difficult position. He ran on a law-and-order platform, yet violent crime is even worse under his administration. He simply has to do something.

That’s why he’s unveiled his various initiatives. One of which is a unit which will try and crack down on armed criminals and the black market dealers who arm them.

Unsurprisingly, a “defund the police” city councilwoman is less than pleased.

Socialist defund-the-police pol Tiffany Cabán already appears to be trying to undermine Democratic Mayor Eric Adams by attacking his new anti-gun police unit on Twitter.

The Queens city councilwoman wrote in a warning to her constituents Monday that the unit is coming to the 114th Precinct in Congressional District 22, the area she represents, which includes parts of Astoria, Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and Woodside, as well as the infamous Rikers Island jail.

“Here’s what you need to know,’’ Cabán said, before launching into a screed about the unit.

“Our district is already home to some of the highest stop-and-frisk rates in the city,” she wrote. “Now we will also have to contend with the unit that, despite containing roughly 5% of the force, committed nearly 1/3 of all police murders in the 20 years before it was [previously] disbanded.

And you know you should take her seriously because she calls all officer-involved shootings “police murders,” regardless of whether they were valid or not.

Then again, she’s a socialist. If she had any brains, she wouldn’t be.

Look, Adams has said he plans on preventing some of the worst mistakes made with the past unit, but since that team has been disbanded, violent crime in New York has shot up.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that you can’t lay all that at the feet of former-Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to disband the unit–violent crime went up in plenty of places where they didn’t disband any such units, after all–but it would seem that a law enforcement unit focusing on illegal guns might be handy right about now.

Cabán, however, is decidedly anti-police. She doesn’t like the police and will do all she can to actively oppose the police. That’s clear.

Then again, socialists like her tend to hate the police until or unless they actually control the police. Then they’re more than happy to crack skulls of anyone who thinks the wrong thing.

Cabán told constituents to be familiar with their rights in the event they happen to get stopped by police. Now, that’s not awful advice. People should be familiar with their rights.

Of course, if Cabán really wanted people to be familiar with their rights, surely she should support restoring their Second Amendment rights.

After all, if good people throughout the Big Apple could easily and lawfully purchase firearms and carry them, I suspect that the violence issues in the city would be sorted out rather quickly. Sure, some bad guys would be shot, but before long, all their buddies would get the hint and start looking for a new vocation.

That’s a win.

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