Rep. Biggs: Mayorkas Migrant Misgendering Out of Touch

Rep. Biggs: Mayorkas Migrant Misgendering Out of Touch

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs on Saturday criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for instructing Border Patrol agents to avoid misgendering illegal migrants.

Biggs accused Mayorkas of being “out of touch with reality” and raised concerns about funding requests for facilitating migrants’ entry into the country.

“Yeah, this guy is so out of touch with reality,” Biggs said on Newsmax‘s “Saturday Report.”

This is occurring while “he wants us to give him more money so he can facilitate people coming into the country and disperse them throughout the country,” he added.

Biggs also expressed skepticism about the official numbers, claiming that the admitted 1.75 million might be significantly lower than the actual influx.

“They won’t admit to any more than that, but the number is probably twice that,” he said.

He also highlighted the challenges of vetting individuals without access to comprehensive data from various nations, emphasizing the potential security risks.

“If you don’t have access to some of the nations’ data, and most nations don’t keep good data like we do, then you have no idea whether this is a terrorist or not,” he said.

“And he has the audacity to put out this touchy-feely woke crap in the middle of this and then still say, hey, we need more money,” Biggs added. The congressman called for withholding funding until the Department of Homeland Security provides “measurable metrics” demonstrating a reduction in the influence of illegal immigration.

Biggs also addressed the recent impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, noting the significant discovery made by the Oversight and Judiciary Committees regarding a 2018 email from a bank regulator for Hunter Biden. The regulator raised concerns about unusual activity in Hunter Biden’s accounts, suggesting a potential compromise.

“Well, I never call anything a smoking gun, but that is damning evidence against the Biden family corruption practices,” remarked Biggs.

He claimed the committee could “trace that money from the 5 million right into $40,000 going to Joe Biden’s personal bank account. So yeah, it’s pretty damning right there. And even the bank examiner saying, ‘Hey, they’re not selling anything, and there’s no loan documents. This money is just appearing from China.‘”


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