Rep. Gimenez to Newsmax: Active Measures Work Against Gun Violence, Not Laws

Rep. Gimenez to Newsmax: Active Measures Work Against Gun Violence, Not Laws

Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., says taking active measures works best when it comes to gun violence.

“When I was Mayor of Miami Dade County, it was evident to me that it’s the laws really don’t work you have to take active measures and so what we did in Miami Dade County we made sure that every single school had a law officer, had a police officer guarding that school, the state and the school board did a good job in really tightening up security around the school in Miami Dade County,” Gimenez said Saturday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Saturday Agenda.”

“Under my order I made sure that every single police patrol car, every single police officer had an AR15, enhanced body armor, including helmets, so that if there was an active shooter they go in aggressively, active training to be very, very aggressive, and then finally, we created a squad, a roving squad 24 hours a day, that responds to active shooters,” he added.

“You have to take active measures to protect our children and protect the population because many of these measures also were there to protect not only school, but they’re also protect you know the public at large whether you have a lone gunman that goes into a shopping center or supermarket, or you have terrorist groups that come in.”

Any gun laws, he said, wouldn’t protect children in the U.S., including the one signed by President Joe Biden over the weekend.

The legislation is supposed to toughen background checks for the youngest gun buyers, keep firearms from more domestic violence offenders and help states put in place red flag laws that make it easier for authorities to take weapons from people adjudged to be dangerous.

Most of its $13 billion cost will help bolster mental health programs and aid schools, which have been targeted in Newtown, Connecticut, and Parkland, Florida, and elsewhere in mass shootings.

“The kind of things that we did in Miami Dade are the things that we need to do around the nation to make sure that we protect our children and our citizens,” said Gimenez.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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