Ryan Busse should give up his guns – Bearing Arms

Ryan Busse should give up his guns – Bearing Arms

Earlier this week, I wrote in part about anti-gunners favorite ex-gun industry employee Ryan Busse. He made some pretty idiotic statements that I thoroughly enjoyed ripping apart.

Then again, they weren’t exactly strong arguments or even particularly original.

Gun control shill Ryan Busse is at it again. Rules for thee, not for me.

Busse’s latest lamentation is that America has too many guns and they should be regulated like cars. He made the comparison while a guest on the rarely-watched Ali Velshi’s MSNBC show. That’s the same Velshi who insanely tried to convince the American public that their eyes were lying to them in live footage of cities being burned and looted weren’t that at all.

If Busse sees gun ownership as a scourge on America, he should look no further than himself to blame. After all, the self-aggrandizing gun control mouthpiece, claimed in his book that he sold more .45-caliber 1911 handguns than John Browning – the gun’s inventor. That would have to be in the millions, especially considering the M1911 was the standard military-issue sidearm from 1911-1985. American troops carried this actual “weapon of war” in WWI, WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Despite Busse’s boastful claims of being an “industry insider,” he’s been disavowed by his former employer Leslie Edleman, the CEO and Owner of Kimber USA.

It’s time for all gun owners to repudiate this narcissistic hypocrite. He claims to speak for responsible gun owners. Except his version of responsible gun ownership is to deny the ability of everyone else to own firearms of their choice. As for his guns – he’s perfectly fine with them.

Go and read the whole thing, because Oliva makes a strong case regarding Busse and his own hypocrisy.

What we have to remember, particularly with someone like Busse, is that for people like this, the issue isn’t the ability to have guns. It’s the ability for you to have guns.

Most of them are actually fine with firearms in and of themselves. They just want to keep them out of your hands because they don’t know you, therefore don’t trust you. As such, they want to prohibit you from being armed.

But Busse? He has no issue with him being able to have all the guns in the world.

If the total number of guns in the United States is the problem, all he’d have to do is be the change he wants to see in the world. He can give up his firearms and make them go away forever. Sure, if he made a big thing of it, I’d make fun of him, but at least he’d be showing some degree of consistency.

Instead, he’s apparently holding onto his own firearm collection while lamenting the existence of your guns.

Busse isn’t alone in this. I think a lot of people would be shocked at the number of anti-gun jihadists that actually own firearms. We regularly talk about the anti-gunners who employ armed security to keep them safe and sound.

Oliva hammered Busse here, and Busse deserves it.

The problem is that Busse will just ignore Oliva and myself and everyone else on this side of the debate. We’re not sending him checks like the anti-gunners are, so what does he care what we think? He’ll hold onto the position he has for just as long as it takes to cash in.

Then, hopefully, he’ll fade back into obscurity and crawl back beneath the rock he’s native to.

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