SCOTUS and Bruen leave 2A deniers stewin’

SCOTUS and Bruen leave 2A deniers stewin’

Time once again for my favorite hour of the work week, and one that’s going to be chock full of 2A talk. Join HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and myself along with our VIP Gold members at 1:30 ET as we kick around the week’s top stories, including:

  • Democrats’ anti-gun backlash to the Bruen decision
  • What will the Court do with the “assault weapons” and magazine ban cases pending in conference?
  • Did California’s Attorney General’s office leak personal details of concealed carry holders?
  • Democratic voter enthusiasm increases after Dobbs. Does that imperil a red wave this November?
  • Whatever topic is on your mind!

You can submit your questions and comments in the dialogue box that will appear directly below the video player, and if you can’t join us live as the conversation happens you can still watch the chat on demand at your convenience shortly after we wrap up. I do hope you’ll be able to make it, though, and as always, I really appreciate your support for Bearing Arms with your VIP and VIP Gold membership.

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