SCOTUS & The Second, Biden’s “Ghost Gun” Plans, And More

SCOTUS & The Second, Biden’s “Ghost Gun” Plans, And More

Regulars, take note! We’ve got a special time for our VIP Gold live chat this week. Instead of 1:30 ET, Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey and myself will be taking your questions and comments at 3:30 ET this afternoon. While the time may have changed, the format is still the same: you drive the conversation via our chat window, though Ed and I have a few topics that we’d like to discuss as well:

  • Is SCOTUS ever going to hear another 2A case?
  • The details of Biden’s proposed regulation of “ghost guns”
  • Indiana’s red flag law and its flaws
  • The verdict in the Chauvin trial

The chat will begin right here at 3:30 ET, and after not being able to take part last week, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and our other VIP Gold members this afternoon!

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