Sen. Graham to Newsmax: Enough Evidence for Serious Probe of Bidens

Sen. Graham to Newsmax: Enough Evidence for Serious Probe of Bidens

Sen. Lindsey Graham told Newsmax on Friday there is enough evidence to investigate the lobbying efforts of Biden’s son Hunter Biden and whether the president had any role in it.

“There’s enough evidence to warrant a real serious look at the Hunter Biden lobbying effort and what role, if any, Joe Biden played,” Graham, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “It’s pretty clear to me that Hunter Biden monetized the vice presidency of Joe Biden.”

Earlier in the day, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss, the U.S. attorney from Delaware, as special counsel to further investigate Hunter Biden. Weiss investigated Hunter Biden for five years before reaching a plea deal on tax evasion and gun charges with the president’s son. But the plea deal was scrutinized by a federal judge and collapsed Friday after attorneys from both sides couldn’t reach an agreement.

Graham and Joe Biden were close friends during their time together in the Senate and even when Biden was vice president under Barack Obama, although their relationship has been strained since Biden became president.

Graham said that during their time together, he had no idea about any alleged corruption or criminal activity by Biden or his family members.

“To be honest with you, he was a friend,” Graham said. “I traveled the world with him. I knew him well; didn’t know Hunter that well, no. Beau, his son who’s deceased, was a fine fella.

“All this stuff blows me away. … This is a side I didn’t know much about. But we’ve got to live in a country where both sides are looked at, and this idea of taking Mr. Weiss and changing his title is a joke.

“What we need is a new set of eyes. I don’t trust the Weiss team to fairly investigate this case.”


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