Sen. Paul to Newsmax: Biden Paying for Ukraine Ammo Leaves US Defenseless

Sen. Paul to Newsmax: Biden Paying for Ukraine Ammo Leaves US Defenseless

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul joined Newsmax on Tuesday to discuss President Joe Biden’s decision to provide ammo to Ukraine at a time when United States ammo reserves are reportedly low.

Paul, in speaking with “Eric Bolling The Balance,” says, “I’m kind of old fashioned; I thought the job of senators and congressmen and the president, in particular, was to provide for our national defense. And so what they’ve done is actually provided weapons for another country at the expense of our own defense.”

“So, we’re basically in a position of vulnerability because they have just shoved out the door, as fast as they can, all of our artillery shells and all of our ammunition. And there are some estimates now that it could be as much as a decade to replenish the shortness of supply we have now. So no, I think it’s inexcusable. And when I go home to Kentucky, people, they ask me about, you know, making sure things are OK in Kentucky and defending our country. But nobody says, ‘Please send my kids to Ukraine.’ Or, ‘Please send my dollars to Ukraine.’ So, I’m not hearing this at home, and I think it’s inexcusable what the Biden administration has done,” the senator stated.

According to Business Insider, two weeks ago, Biden said he decided to send Ukraine cluster bombs because it was running low on ammo.


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