Terrorism Is a Threat. Constitutional Carry Is the Solution. – Bearing Arms

Terrorism Is a Threat. Constitutional Carry Is the Solution. – Bearing Arms

If you want to combat terrorism, there are a lot of things you shouldn’t do and trust that it’ll keep the bad guys off balance.

For example, gun control.

Terrorist networks can get around any anti-gun restriction you care to throw at people. They can move personnel and munitions across the globe with relative ease, so they’ll bypass all the restrictions you want.

Look at attacks such as we’ve seen in Paris or Mumbai, for example. Neither of those were in nations known for respecting the right to keep and bear arms, after all, yet the bad guys had no problems getting guns.

But what about things you can do? 

Over at The Gun Writer, Lee Williams has a suggestion.

FBI Director Christopher Wray must be frustrated. He issued one of the strongest terrorism warnings earlier this week, but few seemed to notice and even fewer seemed to care. Instead, the legacy media remained fixated on the testimony of former special counsel Robert K. Hur, who concluded that Joe Biden committed multiple federal crimes but was too incompetent to stand trial. While Hur’s findings were certainly newsworthy, they were not news. Most of the country already knew Old Yeller’s best days are behind him.

Wray’s warning, however, was dire. He told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that known or suspected terrorists were infiltrating the country across the wide-open southern border using counterfeit documents. One of the smuggling networks, he said, has ties to ISIS. Add to this the thousands of unknown border crossers from countries that hate us, and the more than 80,000 military-age males from China, and you have a terrorist hellbroth just waiting to bubble over.

In the 29 states that now offer some form of constitutional carry, when a terrorist rears their ugly head — be they a card-carrying ISIS member or a lone-wolf jihadist — Americans can take immediate action without waiting for First Responders to arrive, assess the situation, plan and then respond.

In constitutional carry states, it’s virtually impossible to plan for the armed citizen. You can plan for the police, the security guard sitting in the kiosk, or anything like that, but you cannot plan for the armed citizen who just happens to be there and can respond to your attack far quicker than you intended.

I’ve made this point before, too. Then it was more about concealed carry because that was something that we could do right then. I wrote that well before Bruen, well before we ended up with nearly two-thirds of the nation being constitutional carry states.

The truth of the matter remains. We have a history and tradition of defending ourselves, and most of us aren’t really of a mind to respond to terrorism differently. Bad things can happen and that’s why we carry.

For all the demonization we get from anti-gunners and the media, but I repeat myself, the truth is that people like you and me may well find ourselves as the real first responders to some kind of a terrorist attack. I pray that it never comes up, that there’s never a reason to draw our weapons because there’s never an attack on American soil again.

I just don’t see that as realistic.

Meeting violent extremism with lethal force, however, is.

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