The Most Cringe and Best Campaign Ad of the Election Season Drops – RedState

The Most Cringe and Best Campaign Ad of the Election Season Drops – RedState

Sometimes a campaign ad drops that just hits the mark. Maybe it’s because it frames the issues perfectly, or perhaps it tugs at the heartstrings. Maybe it’s hard-hitting, going right at an opponent who richly deserves it.

The ad I’m about to share with you has none of that, but I’d suggest that it’s simultaneously the most cringe and best campaign ad of the election season.

Behold, Linda Paulson, who is running for state senate in Utah. And don’t be fooled by the “Utah Satire” in the top left corner. That’s an Instagram account that shared this, but the ad is legit according to Utah Public Radio. In fact, it marked Paulson’s entry into the race.

The music, the rapping, the sheer whiteness on display. You want to immediately shut it off but you can’t avert your eyes. It somehow manages to be utter trash and a work of art all at once.

If you can’t watch it, Paulson raps and it’s exactly what you’d imagine your grandmother sounds like trying to flow. Very little of it rhymes. There’s no rhythm to speak of. And yet, it’s incredibly effective.

Hear me out. No one had any idea who Linda Paulson was before this video. Now, she’s gone viral nationally, and you can’t help but watch that video and like her. Sometimes the best ads are the ones you least expect. She could have released some boilerplate, deadpan ad about rising crime, but she swung for the fences and hit a home run.

What an absolute legend this woman is. Anyway, it’s the weekend, so I’m not going to stretch my brain any further to keep riffing on this. Watch the video and enjoy.

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