There’s a Reason Colorado Gun Bills are Flying Under the Radar – Bearing Arms

There’s a Reason Colorado Gun Bills are Flying Under the Radar – Bearing Arms

Colorado is fully embracing gun control.

The state legislature is considering numerous anti-gun measures that would fundamentally change the landscape of gun ownership in the state. It would drastically impact lawful gun ownership in ways too many ways to really get into just now.

And the funny thing? Few people are talking about it.

Yes, we are. We’ve talked about it a fair bit, but this is our wheelhouse. This is what we do.

Elsewhere in the media though? Crickets.

And some are starting to notice.

Colorado Democrats are pushing a series of gun control bills that mirror policies in liberal states such as California but have overwhelmingly flown under the radar in the media, Second Amendment experts say. 

“This should be making national news as it doesn’t just impact Colorado, but the nation as a whole,” Ava Flanell, a firearms instructor in Colorado Springs, told Fox News Digital. “Lawmakers are using these outrageous bills as blueprints, changing the state names and implementing them across the country at a state level because they don’t have the votes to do it nationally. 

“Last year, it was Washington where they all passed, and the laws are decimating gun stores without a single positive impact on crime. Today, it’s Colorado. These same bills will show up in other states tomorrow if we don’t come together as a whole to fight this.”

State Democrats are pushing a gun control blitz this year, including a bill that would ban so-called “assault weapons,” which is typically understood as a semi-automatic rifle, like an AR-15; enact an 11% tax on gun and ammunition sales; and increase standards for concealed handgun training classes. Another bill would prohibit gun owners from carrying in “sensitive” areas, such as parks, banks and college campuses. 

First, I find it funny that Fox News is talking about something flying under the radar. They’re one of the largest news operations out there. They could kind of do something about that, you know?

Anyway, why isn’t this a huge thing? Why are so few news outlets covering this? Why aren’t anti-gunners celebrating all of this, urging other states to do what Colorado is doing?

Because they’re not really doing anything.

Oh, the laws are major and they will impact lawful gun ownership, hurting law-abiding citizens while not actually disarming the people who are actually a problem.

Yet these laws also have almost no penalties.

See, part of the problem is that not only is Colorado anti-gun, they’re anti-incarceration. They don’t like locking people up, which wouldn’t be the end of the world if they weren’t also against people being able to defend themselves.

But they are.

So now they’re pushing laws that have very little in the way of punishment–many of which will likely result in a fine versus jail time–and I don’t think the anti-gun establishment is ready to celebrate something like that. I think they know it will be ripped apart because the penalties for these crimes are practically non-existent. They’re just severe enough that most law-abiding people aren’t going to risk it but not enough to do anything to dissuade your average criminal.

That’s nothing to preen about and we all know it.

So, the mainstream media ignores it and hopes all works out, which leaves folks like us taking issue with the unbridled stupidity of the whole thing.

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