Turncoat Former N.J. PBA Head Given Participation Trophy for ‘Lifetime Achievement’ – Bearing Arms

Turncoat Former N.J. PBA Head Given Participation Trophy for ‘Lifetime Achievement’ – Bearing Arms

I’m a pro-law-and-order kind of guy. While my libertarian ways may seem to embrace things as they creep dangerously close to anarchy, I do believe that the police have an important job to do. I’m very much so a back-the-blue person, although I’m well aware it’s the blue that doesn’t want to lose out on their pension when they’re given orders that might not exactly jive with what I may subscribe to. That all being said, I generally like cops and respect them. 

Then there are those cops that just ruin it for everyone in a uniform. N.J. Attorney General Matthew Platkin recently gave an award to the boot-licker, former head of the state PBA.

It’s still fresh in the minds of Jersey patriots the way Governor Phil Murphy and his ilk responded like petulant children towards the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision. We’ve covered extensively the New Jersey Bruen response bill; aka the “carry-killer,” which completely gutted permit holder’s abilities to navigate the Garden State legally armed.

During the contentious debate that sprung up, there was a time when the “witness slips” in favor of the passage of crushing civil liberties were outnumbered by more than five times those who embraced freedom. One of those persons in favor of crushing civil liberties was Patrick Colligan, the then-president of the N.J. State PBA. His witness slip clearly identified him as being in favor of the passage of the bill in his official capacity.

Just the other week N.J. Attorney General Matthew Platkin saluted Colligan by presenting him a lifetime achievement award.

Proud to honor Pat Colligan from @ftpd_somersetnj with our first Lifetime Achievement Award. His decades of service, leadership, and commitment to excellence have shaped New Jersey’s law enforcement community for the better. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!  #NationalPoliceWeek


I’m not surprised or shocked. Colligan was a good do-bee when he was called upon to crush the ability for the law-abiding to be fully repatriated with their Constitutional right to bear arms. The New Jersey cabal of anti-civil liberty cretins slap each other on the back for all the misdeeds they execute upon the unassuming and innocent public.

What was it that Colligan had to say concerning the carry-killer bill back in 2022?

“I would like to thank legislative leadership for agreeing to over 20 amendments at our request over the last several weeks to get this bill to a better place.  Although we would like to have seen a few more changes, this bill respects the training, qualifications and tremendous experience our retirees deserve.  They will remain an important component in keeping the residents and visitors of New Jersey safe and secure.” Patrick Colligan, President of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association

None of those 20 amendments did anything for the peasants. However, Colligan ensured that the police were excluded from many of the measures that would have affected them.

Rather than being a real civil servant and do the right thing, Colligan worked to see the passage of the bill. He could have put up a fight for all citizens, not just the protected class of police he further enshrined with special liberties over the rest of the tax-paying Garden Saters.

Well congratulations for receiving a lifetime achievement award from an Attorney General who’s a member of one of the most draconian administrations the Garden State has ever seen. Getting such an award from these ;pinkos should make Colligan’s skin crawl, especially if he has any conscience or dignity left.

As with my last coverage on this topic, I invite people from New Jersey who get those fundraising mailers from the state PBA, and print this article out and ship it back to them with a big fat goose egg. Until the police start supporting us – that is the leadership entrenched in the deep state running things – we shouldn’t be supporting them. It’s very easy to make it known that you’re pro-police but also anti-authoritarian.

It’s important to note that Colligan is no longer the president of the PBA in New Jersey. This might be a good time for me to follow up with the group and see what their prevailing view is now with someone else at the helm. Still want to see the citizens disarmed or maybe they’ve come to their senses?

As for Colligan, enjoy the participation trophy that you got from N.J.’s smallest AG for being a sellout.

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