Twitter Showed the Depths of Its Depravity When It Comes to Death Threats, This Time Against J.K. Rowling – RedState

Twitter Showed the Depths of Its Depravity When It Comes to Death Threats, This Time Against J.K. Rowling – RedState

Thank the good Lord that Elon Musk bought controlling stock in Twitter because Twitter’s bias is so awful that it’s allowed death threats to exist on the platform against it terms of service on multiple occasions.

The pattern goes that a radical leftist of some kind will make a death threat or encourage death/harm against someone on the right but Twitter will not only not take any action but actually approve of the tweet until the subject (or someone close to the subject) goes public with it.

The latest incident involves the woman that transgender activists and their allies love to hate most, Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling. It started when a transgender activist named “Trust fund OZU” created a YouTube music video where he effectively said he was going to kill TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and told Rowling he hopes she fits in a hearse.

You can watch the video below. A language warning is attached.

According to the New York Post, “Notting Hill” actor James Dreyfuss posted to Twitter that he’d filed a complaint to the social network about the clear terms of service breach. Twitter’s response?

They see nothing wrong with it.

“Surprise, Surprise! So, death threats=Good. Saying ‘women are women’=Bad. @[email protected] Congratulations. You’ve hit rock,” tweeted Dreyfuss along with Twitter’s response to him.

Rowling herself actually gave acknowledgment to the video, which didn’t please the transgender musician in the least given the author’s jocular attitude toward it, calling it a “nineties rave vibe.” OZU responded somewhat predictably by making it seem like whatever Rowling suffers, the trans community suffers far worse. It’s a tired and increasingly weak way of justyfing whatever evil they do.

However, the entire public outcry surrounding the video finally forced Twitter to act against what the company clearly considered to be okay. It took down the activist’s video.

It’s sad that it took this outrage to go highly public before Twitter took any action, but as I said at the top of the article, this is the pattern.

Back in 2018, a Twitter user posted a picture of Meghan McCain crying at her father’s casket with a hand holding a gun photoshopped into it. The tweet included the text “this is for you, America” in it. The photo remained up for hours despite constant reports to Twitter about it, and it finally took McCain’s husband Ben Domenech to make the story very public before Twitter finally took it down.

The same thing happened to Dana Loesch as her children were threatened by a Twitter user who said that in order for Dana Loesch to understand her position on gun rights was wrong, then her children would have to die. Despite multiple complaints, Twitter reported that they saw nothing wrong with the tweet until Chris Loesch made the issue very public. Only then did Twitter take the offending tweet down.

Twitter is clearly run by leftist extremists who do not care about the rules they claim to support. The rules only apply to one side and not the other.

Let’s hope Musk, who just landed the controlling number of shares on Monday, can turn this company around.

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