Worrisome Poll Numbers for Kamala Harris and What They May Mean for Her Beyond 2024 – RedState

Worrisome Poll Numbers for Kamala Harris and What They May Mean for Her Beyond 2024 – RedState

As RedState’s Joe Cunningham reported earlier, new polling info confirms that the Democratic Party has big core voter demographic problems as the 2024 presidential campaign season kicks into high gear.

It was something that was first noticeable under Donald Trump’s presidency as he made inroads with black and Hispanic voters, and it is something that has only continued since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office.

Buried within that USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll we referenced earlier was especially bad news for Kamala Harris, as her numbers are actually worse than the resident Oval Office occupant even among key Democrat voting blocs who previously gave them high marks, including the one group Biden was trying to please the most with his pick of her as his running mate in 2020:

But the findings reveal difficulties she herself has with the Democratic base. She gets lower job approval ratings than Biden among Black voters, 56% compared with 68%. She lags Biden among voters younger than 35, too, at 27% compared with 32%.

Overall, Biden’s job approval rating is 39% approve, 58% disapprove. Of those, 43% “strongly” disapprove and 13% “strongly” approve.

Harris’ job approval rating is 33% approve, 57% disapprove. Of those, 40% “strongly” disapprove and 7% “strongly” approve.

Though her polling lower Joe Biden among black voters, in particular, is humiliating enough, consider how when Harris ran for president in 2019, her standing in the crowded field of candidates for the Democratic nomination was terrible with black and female voters following a summer that saw her numbers plummet after a brief rise after the first primary debate.

Harris’ support among female Democrats went from 24 percent in early July that year to seven percent a month later. Support among black supporters for Harris went from 27 percent in July 2019 to just one percent in early August.

Keep in mind that in the midst of Harris’ freefall at the time, she blamed the fact that she was a black woman on why she couldn’t regain traction. Even as her support was dropping dramatically from black and female voters in her own party!

Here we are, over four years later, and what does Kamala Harris have to show for the three years she’s been Vice President?

Trouble with some of the same constituencies she had in 2019.

Harris has had three full years as Biden’s second in charge to prove herself to the American people and the Democratic Party faithful, and yet she still can’t close the deal.

While she is of course polling much better with young people and black voters than Republicans typically do, keep in mind that Democrats losing even a small percentage of their normally reliable voting blocs could be disastrous come Election Day in competitive states.

And while Vice Presidents typically aren’t viewed as swaying voters much one way or the other when it comes to deciding who to vote for President, the spotlight has been put on Harris more so by the Biden administration and their media allies because they desperately want people to believe that she’s up to job.

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The problem for her is that she’s proven she’s not. 

From the border crisis to the “climate change” work she’s done, and everything in between, she’s been an embarrassment, which is something we’ve seen implied by prominent Democrat figures like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), neither of who exactly had ringing endorsements to give of Harris when asked.

As we’ve said many times before, Kamala Harris is simply terrible at what she does, and with each passing year that’s become increasingly obvious even to groups that are typically loyal to Democrats.

Her inability to stand out and distinguish herself at this point as anything more than a forced pick for Joe Biden has the potential to hurt them both not just in November, but her specifically if she decides to test the waters in 2028. 

This just goes to prove that in the end, to most people your ability to do the job matters a hell of a lot more than what demographic boxes you can check off, and that will be a major problem for Kamala Harris if she ends up having even higher political ambitions on down the line than she does now.

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