4 Reasons Andrew Tate’s Arrest Isn’t Really About Trafficking

4 Reasons Andrew Tate’s Arrest Isn’t Really About Trafficking

Internationally known online pimp and social media men’s influencer Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, were arrested last Thursday by Romanian authorities on allegations of human trafficking and rape. According to Romanian news, a Bucharest court ordered the brothers to remain in custody for 30 days. The pair’s assets have been seized, including the Tates’ car collection, home, and several other buildings.

Tate is a British-American influencer and former professional kickboxer famous for making millions pimping online prostitutes and for emitting counter-Davos spin on his hugely popular social media accounts. Prior to his arrest, Tate was banned from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, with little to no public explanation.

The Tates have reportedly been accused by six women of sexually exploiting them to produce pornographic material for “webcam girl” sites. Tate stated he hasn’t been in the webcam business for four or five years and that when he was, the prostitutes were there of their own volition and were paid. 

The arrest last week is reportedly related to another raid of the Tate home last April when Romanian authorities responded to allegations that an American woman was kidnapped by the Tate brothers. The Tates were let go shortly after the raid. Tate claimed the raid resulted from the false allegations of an angry boyfriend.

If the current allegations are true and Tate was forcing women to create pornographic material and holding them under the threat of violence, then he should be fully brought to justice. However, so far there is no evidence the allegations are true. The case is a public he-said-she-said situation between Tate and law enforcement in one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. 

Any form of prostitution is deplorable, but so long as it is consensual it is not only not illegal but actively encouraged by the ruling class that Tate so publicly thumbs his nose at. Here are four reasons to be skeptical that the same managerial activist class that supports transgender human mutilation and global sex trafficking by border cartels really cares about whether the Tate brothers are rapists and is intent on bringing them to justice instead of shutting them up.

1. Tate Uses the Ruling Class’s Sexual Chaos Ideology Against Them

It’s no secret that Tate has some powerful enemies. In late August, Tate was banned by nearly all mainstream Big Tech platforms. He told the Recount that even his Uber, Airbnb, and Stripe accounts were suspended. Hardly any of the companies explained his banning, and only TikTok and YouTube attributed the censorship to “hate speech.” “The Matrix sent their agents,” Tate wrote on Twitter after his arrest.

It’s very difficult to believe that the same people who insist “sex work is work” and ultimately want to erase womanhood really care about “sexism,” women’s regret about casual sex, or even human trafficking. They usually cynically use these slogans as clubs to beat their enemies.

The ruling class is all about destroying human happiness by pitting men against women and destroying marriage through erasing exclusive sexual commitment and sexual complementarity. They hate Tate because he reverses feminism’s war on men, which works for the ruling class, and turns it into a male war on women, which threatens the ruling class. As I theorized in November, Tate’s massive power and popularity with young men and his viral commentary on the Great Reset, global governance, and censorship is the real reason he has been targeted. 

By exposing to his large fanbase the globalist aims of the World Economic Forum’s “environmentalist” movement, the dangers of electric vehicles, robotic law enforcement, and the brainwashing and indoctrination in public education, Tate has made many powerful enemies. The globalist thought police are deeply threatened by Tate’s social media reach, and his use of their anti-human sexual ideology against them. They focus on Tate’s “misogyny” and politically incorrect male-oriented hot takes, but it seems likely their real reason for canceling Tate is his popular and pointed commentary on globalist objectives and social control. 

When powerful globalist leaders at the World Economic Forum thrust Sri Lanka into famine with their climate agenda, spiraled Europe into a dangerous food and energy crisis with their “net zero” goals, and convinced these same struggling Western countries to redistribute their wealth to foreign nongovernmental activist organizations at the COP27 conference, is it really hard to believe that these same powerful actors could find a way to put Tate, a social media star who criticizes their evil machinations, behind bars? 

2. Global Elites Don’t Care About Sex Trafficking

The accusations against Tate purportedly cross borders. His alleged trafficking organization involves not only Romania but the United States and Great Britain, as well. If we know anything about international sex exploitation operations, it’s that they tend to go unreported and unprosecuted so long as the right people are involved. After all, they’re convenient for generating blackmail potential for anyone who goes off-reservation.

Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to prostitute minors to rich and powerful global figures for decades. To this day, none of Epstein’s elite clientele, such as allegedly Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, have been punished. Only Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell is serving time, but notably in what many describe as a “country club prison.”  

Clearly, law enforcement is selective with the high-profile figures they chose to target. The last few years have laid bare how corrupt many domestic and international courts are. As Epstein proved, stopping sexual exploitation is not a priority for the international pink police state. Yet we are supposed to believe that the allegations against Tate are entirely honest and not at all politically or ideologically motivated.

Just ask yourself: If Tate were a Clinton or a Biden, would he be in jail right now? If you think so, I can’t help you.

3. Romania Is a Corrupt Country

According to the United States Embassy in Romania, “Corruption is a serious problem in Romania.” Statista reports that in Romania it is socially “acceptable to either do a favor, or to give a gift or money to obtain something from the public administration.”

Bribery of law enforcement in Romania is something Tate has even talked about on many occasions. “I’ll go drive 200 miles an hour in my Lambo in Romania and you go drive 200 miles an hour in America and let’s see who gets in more trouble,” said Tate. It is not unreasonable to question whether Romanian officials and police officers were bribed into targeting Tate by his globalist opponents or anyone else he has made an enemy of, for that matter.

4. Arrest as a Pretext for Increased Censorship

On Sunday, The Guardian published an article echoing the sentiments of leftist activists pushing for tech giants to censor those who question the circumstances of Tate’s arrest, slandering them as “conspiracy theorists” and promulgators of “misinformation.” Of course, misinformation is often code for information inconvenient to the left. In recent examples, the lab leak theory, declining vaccine efficacy, and ineffectiveness of cloth face masks were labeled dangerous conspiracy theories and subsequently censored on social media platforms during Covid.  

If Tate is truly a trafficker and rapist, let the evidence speak for itself. Better yet, apply the laws against sexual exploitation equally to all. Go after the international criminal cartels mass-trafficking vulnerable women at the U.S. border. Investigate the video evidence indicating Hunter Biden had sex with an underage prostitute.

We all know that’s not going to happen, which further reinforces the perception that Tate’s arrest is not a search for justice, but about silencing Tate’s message to men that they are being exploited by global leftism and can fight back. Those who know history know that cornering young men and making them disillusioned and desperate is a very dangerous play.

Evita Duffy is a staff writer to The Federalist and the co-founder of the Chicago Thinker. She loves the Midwest, lumberjack sports, writing, and her family. Follow her on Twitter at @evitaduffy_1 or contact her at evita@thefederalist.com.

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