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A Month of Mondays – RedState

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So, the European politicians who make it a habit of attending global Climate Change conferences and give intemperate speeches about the weather and how fossil fuels are making the Earth too hot, are now panicking about this coming Winter.

Because of Putin, Europe won’t have enough energy derived from fossil fuels to stay warm, so it turns out.


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Europe, according to these prophets of doom, without enough fossil fuels, it will become dangerously cold for millions of Europeans who’ll lack reliable and affordable energy to protect themselves from the cruelty of Winter. They predict many could and probably will die as a result.

How ironic.

In other news, President Biden has tested positive for Covid, again. The pandemic of the unvaccinated has now hit him twice. Except that he’s been double vaxxed, and double boosted. Nearly everything we were told about Covid-19 was either an outright canard, or irreconcilably false and misguided.

In his campaign for the Presidency, Biden promised he would be committed to “working out” fossil fuels. Apparently, this means ridding the planet of them, by executive order, and by ending all subsidies for them. Except, of course, when he goes to the Middle East, and Venezuela in a “beggar thy neighbor” foreign policy stunt aimed at lowering the price of gas in time for the November election.


Maybe his foreign policy is on better footing?

Oops. Apparently not.

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China is now actively, and repeatedly, threatening to murder Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, and second in line to the Presidency, if she takes a joy ride with her political cronies to Taiwan. And not only has Biden said nothing about it to the Communists running China, he also won’t say anything, for or against, to Pelosi herself. At least not publicly.

As I said, if we are going to war with China over Pelosi’s junket, a useless waste of time and taxpayer money, Biden has a duty to go on TV and announce that. Anything less constitutes a clear and present danger to the country, not to mention a dereliction of his duties as Commander and Chief. And frankly, an impeachable offense.

It might not be as impeachable as a perfect phone call to the “President” of Ukraine, but it’s certainly worse than Watergate, and also lying about sex with a White House intern. The facts are pretty clear and unequivocal; we have one political party in America with two insufferable cliques. And most of them are weak, foolish, and completely ineffective.

America, at this moment in our history, is devoid of strong, focused, intelligent, and principled leadership. I long for the days of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, and Reagan. I’ll give Bush 41 honorable mention because his presidency, while a complete economic disaster, at least their foreign policy was a tour de force.


None Dare Call It Recession!

But of course, the biggest news this week was that we’re not in a recession. Joe Biden, the President of the United States, a man who’s been in Washington D.C., for about 60 years, is refusing to or is otherwise unable to define recession.

But it’s like I was telling an interviewer a couple of nights ago. It matters not how many angels fit on the head of a pin. Meaning, irrespective of how a President, including this one, defines “recession,” as long as he makes every effort to avoid one, or end one if we’re in one, that is all that matters. And if he did so, the American people would respond favorably.

Moreover, as I’ve also said too many times to recount, recessions are not borne of immaculate conception.

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Recessions are caused by bad policies. In the current situation it was a set of bad policies including an economically toxic and socially corrosive virus mitigation policy, an energy scarcity policy, a profligate fiscal policy, and now an incoherent monetary policy.

Indeed, a cornucopia of policy failures plagues today’s economy. Together, they not only caused the current recession, but they guaranteed a recession. In other words, America didn’t fall into this recession, we were pushed!

Whether Biden likes it or not, the President’s main job at this point is to get the United States out of a recession, and back onto the path of prosperity. And the now widely held bipartisan view of an Administration in the unforgiving grips of incompetence, needs to speak with a single, focused and clear voice on the matter.

It reminds me of the story of President Calvin Coolidge, a great president in the 1920s. Coolidge was coming out of a church service one Sunday and a reporter asked him about the sermon. Coolidge said the sermon was about sin. And when the reporters asked him what the minister said about sin, Coolidge said “he was against it.”

Well, the same goes for recession. As President, you don’t need to spend a lot of time talking about it or arguing over how you to define it. As President, you need only to be against it. Because, like sin, recessions are always something to be against. And also similar to sin; recessions are never the right solution to protect the soul of the American body politic, or the American economy.

An economic recession is an immoral, and man-made, anti-family phenomenon that we are all to be against at all costs, and under any and all circumstances. Always, every time.

Happy Saturday. Now go forth and prosper!



Joe Armendariz is the Director of Government Affairs for Armendariz Partners. He is a former two-term member of the Carpinteria City Council and the former Executive Director of the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association, and Santa Barbara Technology and Industry Association. He is Chairman of the California Center for Public Policy. He can be reached at 805.990-2494

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