A Rambling Joe Biden Gets a Vaccine Booster on Camera and Chucks the Goalposts Into the Sea – RedState

A Rambling Joe Biden Gets a Vaccine Booster on Camera and Chucks the Goalposts Into the Sea – RedState

I bring good news. The COVID-19 vaccines are so infallible and above reproach that they now require a booster less than a year in. That led to Joe Biden deciding to get his shot for the cameras today. Clearly, nothing convinces people to get vaccinated more than a flabby old man with a mask on getting his third jab.

Yes, before he got his third dose of vaccine, the president put on a cloth mask because who needs science and its data when you can just relentlessly virtue signal? As I wrote earlier today, this has become a religion for these people.

Was this even necessary? I have no idea because the federal government won’t release any actual data regarding boosters. Instead, the CDC, following the lead of the White House, overrode the FDA’s advisory panel of health experts to make them available to everyone. Personally, I’m skeptical as I’ve seen no evidence that vaccinated people are suddenly losing immunity. Rather, this seems like a stunt to cover for the fact that the vaccines aren’t stopping the spread of the disease, which directly undercuts Biden’s case for mandates and vaccine passports. If everyone can spread it, then the vaccinated do not need to be “protected” from the unvaccinated.

Biden wasn’t done, though, after having yet another needle stuck in his arm. He then took questions and absolute lunacy followed.

I’m not great with math, but when I tried to calculate that, my calculator threw back “1e+17.” I have no idea what that means, but it seems like it’s definitely more people than exist. Biden doesn’t care, though. He’s just spitting out random numbers for effect. I mean, look at his leadership. He’s giving away a “billion one hundred million” shots on your dime because money is more of a concept at this point.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the most ridiculous thing Biden said. He then picked up the goalposts on vaccinations and chucked them into the sea.

Remember when we were told that around 75% would put us at herd immunity and end the pandemic? Now, Biden wants 98% before we can return to “normal.” That’s quite the shift, and to be honest, I’m not sure that 98% of the population can safely get the vaccines so that might complicate things. But again, these are just random numbers. The fact that highly effective natural immunity is widespread, encompassing tens of millions of Americans, doesn’t even come into play. Pfizer has money to make and Biden has political goals to reach, freedom and common sense need not apply.

All of this is theater, and that’s because the crisis is the point. Democrats are never going to willingly give up the power they’ve seized. Biden and his cohorts are going to play tyrant as long as the American people let them. Vote accordingly.


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