Aaron Rodgers’ Response to Keith Olbermann’s Attack About Being Unvaccinated Is Solid Gold – RedState

Aaron Rodgers’ Response to Keith Olbermann’s Attack About Being Unvaccinated Is Solid Gold – RedState

The first Monday Night Football game of the NFL season didn’t go the way most viewers wanted it to go. Instead of seeing a heavyweight bout between Jets QB Aaron Rodgers and Bills QB Josh Allen, the former tore his Achilles on the first drive of the game. The Jets ended up putting up a defensive masterpiece and winning the game in a very surprising fashion, but certainly, fans of the team are looking more long-term, and they don’t like what they see. 

Regardless, football players get hurt. It’s part of the game. Almost no one would suggest that not being vaccinated from COVID-19 would somehow lead to a karmically-caused season-ending injury. I say almost no one because that’s exactly what deranged former sports and political broadcaster Keith Olbermann did. 

What does the COVID-19 vaccine have to do with tearing an Achilles on a football field? For a sane person, the answer is obviously nothing. Olbermann isn’t sane, though. Being a lonely, childless old man he has morphed his politics into a quasi-religion, and if you don’t keep his sacraments, he’s going to rant and rave like a drug-addled lunatic outside Wal-Mart

We’ve seen him attack people like Megyn Kelly for defending Tucker Carlson during his departure from Fox News. More recently, we saw him claim that Riley Gaines, an award-winning collegiate athlete, “sucks at swimming” because she dared to speak out against grown men competing in women’s sports.

Each and every time, Olbermann manages to get slapped down by the person he’s attacking, and this latest incident with Rodgers was no exception. The future hall-of-famer responded while on former NFL punter Pat McAfee’s podcast and it was solid gold. 

MCAFEE: Keith Olbermann said, you love him though, that because your not vaxxed, that’s why it happened

RODGERS: Yep. Yeah, get your fifth booster, Keith. 

(cross laughter)


It’s Friday evening, so we’re weapons hot with the pop culture references. 


I’m starting to think that Olbermann has a fetish for getting owned by people who are far more popular and successful than he is. Perhaps he should focus less on the vaccination status of others and more on figuring out a way to not die alone. 

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