Alvin Bragg Brings Felony Charges For Fake Vax Cards, Gives Violent Perps A Pass: Judge Says No Way

Alvin Bragg Brings Felony Charges For Fake Vax Cards, Gives Violent Perps A Pass: Judge Says No Way

New York State Supreme Court Justice Brandon T. Lantry dismissed felony charges against two residents who had bought fake COVID-19 vaccine cards — going over the head of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Bragg had charged the two — who were identified only by their initials J.O. and R.V. in The New York Post’s report — with felonies after they allegedly bought fake vaccine cards from a stripper in New Jersey, in an apparent attempt to skirt the Big Apple’s vaccine mandate. The Manhattan DA chose 16 of approximately 100 who allegedly bought the fake vaccine cards from the same stripper, and charged them with felony criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Fourteen of the 16 opted to plead out for lesser charges, but then J.O. and R.V. moved to have their cases dismissed, Bragg fought them — which was how the case ultimately landed in Lantry’s lap.

But Lantry pushed back, noting that the Manhattan DA’s office under Bragg’s leadership has “routinely — nearly daily — move[s] to dismiss significantly more serious counts or entire indictments.” In some of those cases, he noted in his opinion, Bragg’s office worked to dismiss charges against people with prior felony convictions or people whose immigration status might be at risk if they were convicted.

“These motions submitted [by Bragg and his prosecutors] are made months or even years after the 45-day period has expired to dismiss … sexual assaults, drug sales, robbery, burglary, and other violent and non-violent serious felony offenses,” Lantry continued.

Critics were quick to call Bragg out on social media after the charges were dismissed.

“In Bragg’s version of America, hoodlums who steal rape and murder deserve the most leniency possible, but people who refused to go along with the moronic vaxx card tyranny deserve to have their lives ruined,” radio host Buck Sexton said.

“Soros DA Alvin Bragg is prosecuting people for having fake vax cards – 3 years after the fact – while letting killers, rapists, drug dealers & illegal alien invaders who assault cops WALK FREE. Are you paying attention yet?” Monica Crowley added.

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