Americans Want GOP to Have ‘Backbone of Steel’

Americans Want GOP to Have ‘Backbone of Steel’

It is clear that Americans want “new blood” in Congress — individuals with a “backbone of steel” — and the incoming freshman class of conservatives is “going to bring that energy,” Sen.-elect Katie Britt (R-AL) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

“So it is clear that Americans want new blood. They want fresh blood. They want people to go up there and shake it up,” Britt said, speaking of the recent Republican victory in getting Democrats to cave and remove the media cartel bill, the JCPA, as well as the military vaccine mandate, from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Those are the kind of fights conservatives must do more of, she explained.

“We must have a backbone, and we must press forward on behalf of the American people. So I was thrilled to see this play out,” she said, speaking optimistically of the incoming class of conservatives in the new Congress. 

“That’s what you have in this class of conservatives coming to the U.S. Senate,” she said, adding that they are proud to be part of these new conversations, including the issues nixed from the NDAA.

“When you saw those conversations occur in caucus and kind of sort of the unity building behind it, it gives me a lot of hope that this is how we are going to move forward,” she said. “This is the way we’re going to conduct ourselves. I think the American people are demanding it.”

“People are sick of the status quo. They want to see Republicans stand with a backbone of steel, and I think this new freshman class is going to bring that energy that life, that directness of what the American people want and putting it into action,” Britt explained, noting that Americans are ready for “change.”

However, she is not blind to the reality that Republicans lack a majority in the U.S. Senate and noted that it will be “challenging.” But the GOP’s recent NDAA victory shows that Republicans, if they stand firm, can still win.

The GOP’s minority status in the Senate “makes it even more important to stand together and stand firm so that we are able to do what we can to mitigate the damage the Biden administration” and put forth policies that put Americans first, she added, identifying the Republican party as the party of parents, hard workers, freedom, family, and opportunity.

“And that’s what Americans want to see us fighting for, and rest assured that this new class of senators, I think that’s what we’re gonna do,” she added.


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